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Organized crime hinders development of legal business just like a parasite. They steal from the Government, businesses and individuals who work hard to achieve their goals. They do this to make profits, gain power and launder money. Some of the gangs are being involved in what is commonly known as white collar crime. This crime is mostly committed by people who work for the company or are owners of the companies. They do this through evading tax and using illegal forms of production. These crimes are mostly done by prominent business men who are well connected to the Government. They do this by producing sub standard goods in their companies and then bribing their way through a bureau of standards. In many similar cases, some import goods worth millions without paying the import tax.

Business people in some cases collaborate with known gangs like Mafia who take charge of carrying out risky activities in the company. They help big companies to smuggle drugs and fire arms which they cannot do by themselves. The same groups are also hired to monitor the police security systems, which enable them to trade safely without being noticed. Deaths and violence normally occur at some point if they are arrested by the police. This is because gangs are trained and well armed (Rawlinson, 1998). The introduction of fast money transfers around the globe has opened easy means for payments to be made efficiently and very fast. Technology has also given room for criminals to manipulate these accounts by professionals who hack through the bank systems and change details and figures.


The law and security agencies are very important in dealing with the issue of organized crimes. According to international law, it is illegal for one to participate in organized crime. In many countries, individuals who found guilty engaging in any form of organized crime may be put behind bars for years (Lampe, 2006). The Interpol should identify these groups and work on their elimination. Most important they should disable their functionality by disabling their sources of income and making sure that channels through which they acquire firearms are closed. Strong penalties should be imposed on those who found guilty to discourage those who were planning to participate in illegal activity.

The psychological aspects of why people engage in organized crime are also very important. We should be able to understand why people are attracted to crime. In most cases, people are attracted to criminal because of greed and financial pressure. Wealthy business people who engage in organized crime do it because of greed, which is very common in developed countries. Most of the victims in developing countries engage the crime because of financial pressure. People who have no alternative means of income can easily turn to crime in order to meet their ends.  

Organized crime exists because internal controls within the society have failed to do its job. It continues because of social disorganization. Drug traffickers exist because there is great demand for drugs in the society. This means that there are lots of drug users in the country. This implies that parents have failed to supervise activities of their children and advise their children on harmful effects of drugs. When organized crime thrives in a country, it also means that other institutions have failed in their functioning. Police officers, for instance, are to be blamed because they have failed to arrest the organized gangs (Marine, 2006).

The impact of activities carried out by these gangs is so severe that in affects the entire society. Organized crimes have contributed to loss of lives, downfall of economies as well as hindered relations between individuals as well as nations. The absorbance of youths into these gangs has also affected the general development of the society. In turn, families have broken down since they have lost their children to the crime. The government and society at large ought to work together to curb this menace. The youth have to be informed on the dangers of crime as well as strict punishment need to be instilled to those who become part of organized gangs. For the sake of peace and harmonious existence, organized crimes need to be combated.

Impact of Organized Crimes. Custom Impact of Organized Crimes Essay Writing Service || Impact of Organized Crimes Essay samples, help

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