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In essence, I am of the view that the whistle blowing is vital, since it exposes the corruption or danger. This is because at the end of the day, even though it may bring down companies and ruin the careers of many, it is still morally justifiable. First and foremost, whistle blowing is a clear indication of the freedom of speech. It is a right of humanity that can be used to expose the corporate misdeeds in whichever way or forum. Over and above, a whistleblower ought to be justified beyond any reasonable doubt, since his accusations about immoral business practices are plausible and factual.

A whistle blower is also morally justified, based on that in some cases, he might find out about a firm’s unethical business practices that may cause an impending threat to the public health and wellbeing. Additionally, most organizations establish very strong technical walls that are excruciatingly tough enough to discourage a whistleblower’s attempts to rectify an irregularity. In this regard, faithfulness to an employer cannot be supreme. It takes courage and patriotism for a whistleblower to come publicly and condemn an act of corruption in this case. They are normally tortured, jailed, killed, fired or face many inhuman acts. This is normally done to silence them and instill fear of the whistleblowers.

It is also worth noting that whistle blowing in most cases has to do with disclosing information that would not typically be disclosed. In my view, there is nothing morally wrong in revealing information, since the intention is to prevent something awful that would, otherwise, occur. Companies, for example, are managed by a few people, but help many families and institutions. If, for instance, companies collapse, due to the corrupt dealings, many people may suffer at the expense of a few.  In such instances, it is prudent to expose such corrupt dealings and save many families.  

Whistle blowing concerns ethical values, as it shows an individual’s in-depth knowledge that an action taken is hazardous. It shows that some actions taken deviate from the known good in a society. It exposes unlawful acts that management or the senior people force their employees to do. This is normally revealed when such people come up in public and condemn the acts. A whistle blower in California, for example, gave his testimony in court how his employer forced him to dispose toxic wastes in a river, instead of following the correct procedures (Nadler & Schulman, 2006). He later decided to blow the whistle after illegally damping the wastes for some years.

The fact that employees who blow the whistle are protected is a clear indication that it is acceptable and valued in the society. The Public Interest Disclosure Act of 1998 (PIDA), for example, protects workers who blow whistles in Great Britain. They are protected from being fired, mistreated, transferred or demoted for blowing whistles. This encourages employees to blow whistles in cases related to criminal offenses, health and safety, failure to follow legal rules, not according justice, and negatively affecting the environment (Cipd, 2011).

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