Performance Improvement Plan

Performance improvement plan is a recognized procedure carried out by various managers amongst their employees. The plan is used as a prearranged way of enhancing contact between the employers and the employees. The managers evaluate the employees’ behavior as well as to assist them enact changes in their performance. The employees are expected to display behaviors that are relevant to heir job description.

The performance improvement plan is generally used to evaluate actions of staff members in order to change their faulty behavior (Hatch, 2006). The plan as instituted by the mangers is used to identify the wrong behaviors among employees. People are then cautioned in order to start the development process. Improvement notifications are normally written are passed on to the persons at a proper time before the process starts. The written notification also outlines the guide to be used by the offender during the correction process.

During performance improvement initiatives, managers initiate a discussion to profitably bond the workers and the supervisors and thus develop good working conditions. Managers should always create plans with unambiguous prospects concerning their workers. During the improvement periods, managers should to review their workers and react on the feedback.

Generally a performance improvement plan is more successful if it is applied early (Hatch, 2006). On job trainings are very important in helping workers to improve their efficiencies. The performance improvement plan also allows employees to be cautious on their actions that may contradict what is expected of them in the job place. It is therefore an efficient means of providing remedies to deviant workers instead of punishing the whole staff (Hatch, 2006). The use of the performance improvement plan also helps counteract the occurrence of staff strikes that may cause retardation and poor results in a work place.

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