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The battle of America and Mexico looked as the Americans were fighting to make their way in the expansion of their territory for the people who were moving west in pursuit of Manifest Destiny. This was depicted by the Alamo war which led to the forced occupation of the land by the Americans (Keene, Cornell, & .O'Donnell, 2010). The Americans took the advantage of the government instability to defy orders/law. Many Americans had infiltrated in American territories expanding slavery while the Mexicans were in the direction of abolishing it, it worried the Mexican government.

The defeat of Alamo led to the annexing of the state to the union of America where land owners lost their lands to Americans. Thus the war by Mexicans was meant to protect from occupation their territories by Americans. The annexion of the Texas state was to pave way for the expansion of the American dream and to introduce slavery in the state (Keene, 2010).

The public of the Texas state what republic was being annexed were to lose their lands to the whites who fought for secession of the state from the Mexican government. The whites were given more land than the Mexicans, and this led to Mexicans losing their lands to Americans. The treaty which was signed in Hidalgo signified that the territory for which the Americans conquered belonged to the whites under the jurisdiction of the American government and thus Mexican were not entitled to own land, and surrendered to the whites.

The early missionaries’ idea in respect to the Manifest Destiny said that they were provided with land, which spread across the American territory with vast fertile soils for agriculture. The missionaries explored the land, and moved westward and spread out the Gospel occupying fertile lands themselves.  The missionaries penetrated the western territories before the evolution of the Manifest Destiny and were conversant with the fertility of the land. This led to the emergence of the Manifest Destiny which emanated from traders and missionaries proclaiming the fertility in the west side of the country which was earlier depicted as a desert (Keene, 2010).

This prompted the relocation of people westward in search of fertile lands. The noble idea was to expand American state from the east side to the extreme west occupying lands for agriculture. They wanted to have enough room for the whites who were the dominant race in replenishing the world. That is why they occupied land that was favorable for agriculture. The destiny coined the idea of civilization or extermination to be the fate of all who found themselves at the helm of the white treks (Keene, Cornell, & .O'Donnell, 2010).

The Manifest Destiny defined the future progress of civilization and the triumph of Christianity over savagery, it depicted that there was no room for the natives in the noble vision of the expansion of the Whiteman’s democracy. The puritanic idea was to spread Christianity all over the main geographical area, but the revolutionary idea was coined as the idea of the puritans by racially declaring that the expansion of the land was meant for the whites and any resistance of the rebels had to be oppressed.

The basic aim was to spread the Gospel, as it was the only true belief and meant for all races in the world, but in reality it was a kind of racial as basically determined the whites as the race which was entitled to occupation of the west territories. Nobles averted the criticism and chose the course to be just the right one for civilization and growth of economic strength for the Americans due to the increasing population. This testimony was a shield to the expansion as the idea of Gospel and civilization hindered the process of expansion from critics (Keene, 2010).

The Battle of America and Mexico. Custom The Battle of America and Mexico Essay Writing Service || The Battle of America and Mexico Essay samples, help

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