Bowl Game

The advert is about the super Bowl Game between New England Patriots and New York Giants that will take place on Sunday 5th February 2012. The advert is one minute and one second long. The message of the advert is about football that has come a long way from when people did not know how to play. They were just a bunch of guys running in the mad with no rules or protective gadgets back in 1906. Then, the advert goes on to show players running across a football pitch. There is also a transformation in their clothing until they reach the touch line. Later, New England Patriots and New York Giants players are shown. That is supposed to be their clash.

I like the advert because it is so exciting and looks real as if the video has been taken from the live game. The objective of the advert is to inform. It informs us that football has come a long way from when there were no rules or organization. Players just ran with the ball on the muddy pitches. The time has passed and civilization has changed. Good playing tactics came up gradually with nice playing uniforms and rules to “keep up the peace” and now we have the New England Patriots and the New York Giants players ready to fight.

The advert captured my attention because it is real and we have created overtime and our lives have become better. The advert is product focused. This is because it does not describe only football, but also how it has developed and what it has brought up. The two teams that are playing against each other on Sunday are an example of progress of old time. The target group is the football fans. The advert is so enticing that one really wants to see what the player of New England Patriots and New York Giants will show people. Therefore, I suppose that this advert targets at fans since it is they who would really want to see what their teams have prepared for them.



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