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I was suspended because of various extenuating factors which affected my performance and which I regret were not within my control. To start with, I had no prior knowledge of English language, and as a starter, I had to take English as a Second Language classes right from the lower levels in order to improve my grammar. I took all the English classes. As a result, I failed and repeated some of them which made me repeat some of my classes due to poor grades. The other circumstance is that the failure was because, in the summer of 2009 I was working full time in order to help my family, which needed my help a lot. There was also a clash of time since I was doing a general biology course which I did not get the grade I wanted. I also completed all my classes, unfortunately, I did not meet the cumulative requirements. My GPA was below 2.0 because some of the grades are unacceptable in my course and, therefore, the grades lowered my average mark.

To prevent these circumstances from occurring again, I have sought advice from my advisors. This will involve meeting them at least twice in the term to review my progress. This will help me in shaping my learning plan, improve my grades and help me in finishing my program within the required time frame. I have talked to my instructors to understand their teaching styles. I have developed a culture of attending all my classes punctually, following the class schedule strictly and submitting my assignment in time in order to help me earn the minimum term standards. I have also devoted maximum time to my studies, and I have made sure that I enroll the course work required in my program. I have significantly reduced my working hours so that I can have maximum time for my studies.

To ensure success, I have liaised with the learning centre for additional assistance. I read ahead of the instructor, and in cases where I did not understand the lecture, I get further clarification from the instructor. I will also make maximum use of the resources around the school for my success. I will also repeat course that I failed in order to boost my average mark.

Some of the support system I have in place is group discussions. I have also set aside finances for research, and if I get the financial aid it will go a long way in helping me. The other support system is the public and private library which I can use for my studies. I will also get support from tutors during their free time. I will get mental support from my family and I will also get support from participating in workshops to boost my success.

My desire to pursue another degree is to boost my chances of securing a job. It will also empower me with an additional skill. I would complete the program when I am not pursuing my major program i.e. when the school closes.



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