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Organized Crimes entail a group of people who come together for the purpose of engaging in criminal activities. Unlike other crimes committed by individuals, this kind of crime consists of more than two individuals. It is a large association that carries out its unlawful activities on a large scale and has a recognized structure. There is normally one person in charge who is recognized by rest of the members and his commands are firmly adhered to by the members of gang. The group more often has a universal agenda, which all members accept and follow in order to accomplish their aims (Catanzaro, 1985). Groups carry their criminal activities in various places within a given country or even outside their respective nations. Each member of the gang is assigned to a particular duty to ensure that the entire group attains its goals jointly. Their leader is the main person to determine the kind of operation or activity the gang will get involved in.   

Criminal gangs are groups that engage in diverse illegal activities which may include murder, bank robberies, drug trafficking and kidnappings. Organized crimes are also related to political assassinations and terrorist attacks. Drug trafficking gangs are commonly located in southern America and Mexico. They move illegal drugs from one state to another without knowledge of the authorities. The gangs are normally heavily armed and cause violence and death to anyone who tries to stop them. Cases of these criminal gangs clashing with the police have mostly reported in Mexico where many innocent people have suffered injuries because of the gang violence.

Terrorist attacks have also become very common in our modern society. Groups such as Taliban and Al-shabab have become a threat to international security. Most of the groups claim that they fight for their rights while in a real sense they just kill innocent civilians. Terrorist attacks in Washington and some parts of Africa by the Al-Qaida group caused many deaths and uncountable losses, which can still be felt to date. Although this group is still at large, the United States has done a great job in fighting them, especially after its leader was killed. Bank robberies are also carried out by these organized criminal groups. In most cases, they collaborate with bank workers to carry out these robberies. Recent research shows an increase in bank robberies all over the world. This has greatly affected economies of many countries since large amounts of monies are illegally circulated in black markets hence causing the enhancement of inflation. Organized illegal gangs normally get confidential information from the bank employees who are later paid for their role. They give information on the bank's security detail, their operations and amounts kept in safe. The group then comes in posing as regular customers and eventually carries out the robbery.

An example of an organized criminal gang is the Mafia group. It is well known across the world for its numerous criminal activities. The gang originates from Cecily and is best known for carrying out assassinations across Europe. The group’s leader resides in Cecily and offers his command to the rest of members who are located at different places. Gang members are paid by prominent persons of our society to carry out killings. They are mostly used by wealthy politicians to eliminate their opponents. The group is also used by wealthy businessmen to carry out criminal acts like robbing competitor’s premises and even killing other business competitors. The group is known to be well trained in martial arts and weapons such as pistols and grenades usage. The group is rated as one the most dangerous and sophisticated gangs ever.  This has proved so hard for the police to crack. The gang is further known to be very wealthy since many of its clients are prominent individuals. Many deaths in America and across Europe have been linked to this group, and so far no major action has been taken. Reports have indicated that the group has links with many top Government officials in many European countries which makes almost impossible to deal with. The most recent reports indicated that many prominent politicians across Europe and America employed the Mafia as their personal bodyguards. Their job is protecting them, and in return, they are paid handsomely (Repko, 2005).

In most countries, organized criminals operate in production and sale of illegal goods and services. Reports have shown that the world economy losses more than half a million dollars each year to the illegal sale of goods and services. This crime has erupted through out the world in both developed and under developed countries. This is mainly because of rapid and quick movement of people across the world that meets and exchange ideas thus influencing each other. In older days, organized crime was only common in developed countries but presently it’s even present in developing countries. Statistics have shown that a large number of deaths in developing countries are caused by organized crimes. Other misfortunes that victims of organized crimes go through include theft, torture, murder, physical harm and blackmail (Curtis, Elan, Rexford, Hudson and Kollars, 2002).

Criminal Gangs. Custom Criminal Gangs Essay Writing Service || Criminal Gangs Essay samples, help

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