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Pet stores are very exciting and interesting places. This is because a visit to such gives one the opportunity to see cuddly puppies, fuzzy hamsters, tropical fish and talking parrots. Traversing through a pet store is more like taking a walk through a mini zoo. However, it takes many things for one to open a flourishing business; the most fundamental thing one needs in order to run a pet store is a complete love for animals. Therefore, anyone considering owning a pet store should have an overview of the steps necessary to achieve his or her dreams of having pet shop.

What products do we carry and what services do we offer?

The product that the store trades in is ‘Raw Dog Food Recipes and Meal Suggestions’

  • For instance as a newly established enterprise stocking raw dog food it is always ideal to keep in touch with the larger world of customers that your business is meant to serve. This leaves every entrepreneur with the challenge of establishing good links that would help the organization with better opportunities to sell its product and services. Therefore, as a consultant I will always advice that any person willing to deal with pet supplies should first learn about the pets he or she intends to provide food products for. For this reason a new ‘Dog Food Expert’ store has decided to stock raw dog diets food supplies.
  • Consultancy: in the store clients can access people who are either running their own or are engaged in pet food enterprises. This people offer meal suggestions that can best be accessed through personal consultation and or on the Internet where one will not have to agonize too much about competition. The information one can get from people who have already been in the industry is precious. This is because such individuals are acquainted to the challenges involved in the market. Besides the information they discuss is most recent and relevant to the time.

What do we look like?

  • · all the employees of the pet store should greet customers promptly upon entering the store and ask the client on any assistance he or she might need and or any inquiries he or she might have. In this pet store, all the employees are willing to help other patrons in carrying out activities within their jurisdiction.
  • · the store is neat and clean, well lit, and should have aisles wide enough that clients and attendants can easily navigate the store. The cages of any animals should be clean and appropriately lit, and there should be evidence of cage cleaning.
  • · the store takes measures to ensure the health of animals within it. Although it is very uncommon to find a pet shop where there are no sick animals, this store has limited number of sick dogs and other animals in the store. Likewise, the fish department should ensure that dead fish are promptly removed.

How do we market the store and build repeat business?


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Creating an effective marketing strategy for a pet shop doesn't have to cost a paw and a leg.  Foremost start by being clear about the objectives when formulating a marketing strategy, the audience one wants to reach, plus what the pet stores’ specific strengths are as well as how to capitalize on them.  For instance:

Make a great impression at all times. Always respond to e-mails in a prompt, courtesy manner. Be mindful of how you answer the phone. The manner in which you treat people on a frequent basis, in every side of life, is a significant part of ones professional and personal brand since it helps to market the store.

 Getting tech savvy is an important part of your pet shop marketing strategy. There are many low or no-cost options to market a business available through the Internet, such as:

  • Social Media
  • Blogs
  • E-mail newsletters

Ask every client who comes into the pet store for their e-mail addresses and keep them into a database.

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Become the go-to pet expert. In order to thrive as a pet stockiest, it is ideal to take advantage of the market. This can be done through stocking new and unique pet food products. This offers the store to serve as a consulting point where pet owners can come and learn much about the product and pets.  

Be dependable and persistent. Regardless of the time or period one has been as a pet food stockiest, it is imperative to apply new pet shop marketing strategies. One has to be consistent by providing his store consistently with pet products.

Branding is also an integral element of a pet store's marketing strategy. For example, an effective marketing plan for pet store involves establishing a “brand name,”  that should be distinct identity for it. 

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