Education is a mechanism that systems put in place to enable people in the society to acquire skills and thus empower themselves in various aspects of life. Though there are many ways that one can acquire knowledge, the formal schooling method has been explored as the modern ways for instilling some essential skills to humanity. The education is aimed at refined our perception on various aspects of life and also equip us with the analytical mind set where we are able to understand our human moral obligation and also identify our role in the human circle.

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An education empowers us with skills necessary in pursuance of the desires of our hearts with the interest of other beings in mind. Many systems that have been seen to segregate people either according to their race, religion and event gender have been seen to still oppress the efforts by the global community in providing universal education to the members of the society. Cases of attacks to women especially in the Muslim societies have been on the rise and this has raised questions whether the excise is worth the risk.

Considering the opportunity cost at long run with the input from the essential quarters in the world, it is essential for the world to join efforts in helping to explore mechanisms that would enable the Girl child have access to education without being isolated and dejected on the basis of their gender. Education is acquisition of information which is becoming an empowerment tool  By getting knowledge of their fundamental rights especially those suffering in the hands of the oppressing system will the victims of dejection in such systems be able to get their freedom.

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