The Effect of Overpopulation on Education

All over the world, the human population is growing at an astounding rate, regardless if the decision made my most of the women to have fewer children. But we understand so well that our planet can only sustain and support only a given number of people and the big question that remains is what will happen if that number is exceeded. For the purpose of this paper, only one aspect will be looked into and that is the effect of overpopulation on education systems (McKibben, p.1-2)).

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By description, overpopulation is the situation in which the numbers of organisms go beyond the carrying capability of their habitat. Day in day out,, we are being faced by the effects of overpopulation.  This situation has had an impact on the life of the common man and is among the gravest and toughest difficulties to be dealt with. Overpopulation carries the implication of scarcity of resources as well economic inflation; which happens to be the monsters that make our life miserable. It is by Living all the way through the negative effects of overpopulation that we are able to acquaint ourselves with the problems associated with it (Oak, ¶1-2).

Around the globe people are opting to having fewer and fewer children not only in China, where the policy is subjected by the government, but also in any other nation outside the poorest part of Africa.

There have been experienced low population growth rates than they were during the time of the Second World War. In the past few decades the typical woman especially in the developing world has moved from bearing six to bearing four children. For instance, “in Bangladesh the average has fallen from six to fewer than four”.

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According to McKibben, Lack of education may be viewed as yet another major victim of overpopulation. Those who lack in education do not understand the dire need to curtail the unwarranted growth of population. They are not capable of understanding the detrimental effects that overpopulation has. They are ignorant as well as oblivious of the ways to manage population. The illiterate world is often characterised by Lack of family, one of the major factors leading to overpopulation (p.2).

On the other hand, screening the subject of growing population sanguinely, one may attribute overpopulation to increased human resources. The increased number of people translates to an increase in the number of creative minds as well productive hands. Not ignoring the fact that that the increase in the number producers means an increased customer base.

Not every country has the ability to provide its people with the sufficient amount of resources. The escalating population will ultimately abscond no nation able of providing its citizens with the resources they require to flourish. When the environment fails to have room for the living beings that populate it, overpopulation turn out to be a disaster.

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Due to the recent progress in medicine, man has established cures to the formerly fatal diseases. The new discoveries in medicine have brought in cure for the majority of the dreadful diseases. This has led to increase life expectancy of individuals. On the other hand, there has been noted decline in mortality rate leading to an increase in population. Owing to current medications and enhanced treatments to a variety of illnesses, the generally death rate has gone down. The better side of it is that we have been competent to battle several diseases and avert deaths. But On the other hand, the health boon has fetched with it, the blight of overpopulation

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