Fantasy Play

There is a disparity between being dishonest (cheating and lying) and making things up as in childish that it is also unacceptable to pretend to be an astronaut or a princess (McCabe & Butterfied). Therefore children fantasy plays. If children get the knowledge that it is bad to tell lies, some young children mat rather think or assume should be discouraged from intentional cheating and lying and also be made to know that it is not wrong to have a role play and pretend.

An honest person has qualities of telling the truth without any regard on the consequences. Honest persons chose to be true and accountable no matter the cost. They also trustworthy and can therefore be held responsible of sensitive and valuable issues. Honest people always make the best employees and are also potential leaders as they are mindful of people’s good. They don’t exaggerate things to make them appear different than the actual and this factor enables them to make lasting relationships. Honesty enables a person to keep promises as they influence and encourage others to be truthful.

Many people are however unable to sustain acceptable standards of truthfulness and honesty. It is not easy to operate under honest standards as it appears insecure and sometimes unbearable since honesty demands that one should lay down all and risk to tell the truth ready for any consequence. Hence, many people prefer being lukewarm between truth and falsehood in order to sustain some unreal social status. Dishonest people always lose respect and trust with others. Falsehood suspends any effort to engage into meaningful decisions or issues and this receives opposition from those around as no one would want to engage in void deals or affairs. A dishonest person need to cover up the first lies by telling more lies and this makes the vice to get deep in such a way that one is eventually entangled in it unable to operate without it. Eventually, one faces embarrassment and punishment when his/her falsehood gets so profound to be assumed. The devaluing experience influences social segregation thus making it hard to perform well in a particular field due to guilt.

In conclusion, truthfulness, integrity, and courage are values related to honesty. Honesty pertains how truthful and open we are to ourselves, and what we tell others. It is crucial for building stable and lasting relationships. It is also significant to students as they are able to reach the best from teachers because they are able to communicate on their shortcomings,, hence creating good grounds for assistance. Honest people are also beneficial to the entire society since the issue of passing true information helps other people to get the precise idea and therefore make the necessary moves to advance and improve from the past. It is rather frustrating to experience dishonesty ass it deprives anybody of trust, a thing that deadens progress and change. It is crucial to help children to acquire good values with honesty being the principal in order to enhance them to become individuals who will be of help both to themselves as well as the entire society. Nevertheless, it is critical that most of the people get to learn about values through the painful experiences that they face in the course of life. In such a case, a person appreciates the significance of particular values after encountering the loss of not having them. Therefore, it is crucial to arm the young ones with what it takes in life as far as values are concerned. This will help them to evade many setbacks in life, and instead will strengthen them to be productive and reliable people whom they should be.

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