Teaching Student’s How to Write an Essay

An argumentative essay is put on the basis of an exact statement called the conclusion or thesis that can be debated on within the field that a person is studying. To fully explain the sentence, the argumentative essay is an account with which any given reader may not agreement with. Many students from different institution get it difficult to write a good argumentative essay. Therefore, going through the following steps will advance their knowledge on how to write any argumentative essay.

1.To make the process of writing an argumentative essay much easier, a person can imagine himself or herself being a solicitor, whose only duty is to put a defending finger on an innocently accused person. Such a person needs to form his or her speech to the jury well-reasoned, so argumentative and should be also supported by the evidences that are conspicuous and the restatements regarding the innocence of the accused person in order to make the judge understand that he or she did not participate in the case he or she is being accused of. Such people will have a strong argumentative body of their work, if only they base themselves as a solicitor. The work should contain the legible arguments that will make it appear as an argumentative essay that is real.

2.A person should choose a controversial subject which is well defined and understandable to the readers.

3.Words such as I believe we should………. should not be used. Instead the person should state his or her position. An argumentative essay does not purely state an opinion, but it presents an argument. The argument should be presented with a data that convinces the readers that the opinion is legitimate and true, for example other people’s testimony or through personal interviews.

4.Lastly, write an outline, a rough draft, followed with a final paper. Then have a rewritten one that will make it sound professional.

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