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Position Title: Privacy Officer

Immediate supervisor: Senior Executive Officer, Health Information Management Department

General Purpose: the role of the Chief Privacy Officer is very important in the organization as it entails supervision in the implementation and maintenance of the policies and the procedures, which entail the privacy of the patients in terms of health information according to the state and federal laws observed in the area.


  • Implementation of corporate policies and procedures to govern the organization
  • Conducting reviews on the privacy programs
  • Establishes a privacy oversight committee in the organization through working closely with the senior management
  • Assumes role of leadership in privacy supervision of the committee's activities (Saunders & Dunlop, n.d.)
  • Engages in activities that encourage information privacy awareness within the organization
  • The security plans of the organization and other system related information are looked at by the privacy officer
  • Ensures cooperation with the rest of the organization's personnel that may be associated with the patient health information to ensure they follow the legal requirements according to the policies and procedures implemented in the organization


  • Stable education background with the certificates to prove it
  • Education and experience that is applicable to the scope of the organization with certification as RHIA or RHIT
  • Reflective and effective knowledge and experience on law mainly in the department of privacy laws, the access and release of control technologies as they are a major part of the organization
  • Understanding of the HIM principles and the change management procedure as well as the applicability of the principles, change management and project management
  • Good communication skills that will ensure good interaction with the organization's personnel and appropriate presentation skills



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1. The title used in this organization will probably be applied differently in another organization hence, it varies.

2. The institution and the its size will matter in deciding the supervisor assigned the position and how the organization deals with health information and the medical records will also determine the function of the supervisor.



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