Stereotypes about Germans

There are several character traits that are traditionally seen to be commonly associated with particular people from a given region, usually derived from their cultural background. As a nation and its people, the character of Germans has been perceived by many to be of unique nature. These stereotypes are generated and ascribed to their national character by both the outside cultures and people around the world or by Germans themselves.

Historically the Germans have been associated with many positive and negative character traits depending on different perceptions about them. Many of the stereotypes are good, although some have tended to border on the negative based on the nation's history. I greatly admired the fact that Germans are naturally seen as orderly, clean and efficient. These character traits are taken from the context of their cultures with all Germans highly valuing them. Being generally clean with great orderliness, is an historical trait as seen by much publication about the past ways of living in the Bavaria region. These have been carried on to today's modern German culture.

Being naturally efficient in all aspects of life, especially in their occupations, is the reason behind the Germans' success in having many talented people in arts, philosophy and science. The German society's contribution in knowledge and inventions especially in the past 19th century is attributed to their efficiency in industrial work. Most of the Germans highly regard their country as a land of great thinkers and poets.

The American people highly value their time and work, being efficient and industrious in all its endeavors is what has made this a great country. The similarity with the Germans' national trait is also shared in the state of many homes across the country, always clean with neatly cut compounds and beautifully manicured lawns. American citizens believe in equality and it is essential that people are not judged on these generally perceived stereotypes, which usually tend to be inaccurate.

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