Kimpton Hotel

The Kimpton Hotel is an established chain of numerous hotel establishments spanning across America's geographical entity. The hotel is a major player in the American hospitality industry. It has a selection of unique products and services targeting its customers among many competitors. 

The recreational facilities offered are mainly in the form of hotels and restaurants. Majority of the restaurants and hotel facilities are located in states like Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Washington. Recent milestones in the company include: the first American hotel company to attain the Green Seal Certification; 50th hotel opened in June 2009; and formation of a national partnership with the Nature Conservancy in the 'plant a Billion Trees Campaign'.

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Kimpton Hotel was founded by Bill Kimpton in April 1981 with it's the first hotel christened the Clarion Bedford Hotel in San Francisco. In April 1983, it created the first wine emphasis themed hotel christened the Kimpton Hotel Vintage Court. The hotel then underwent numerous developments culminating in its first internal establishment in July 1999 by setting up Pacific Palisades Hotel in Vancouver. Following the international expansion, the hotel continued to grow throughout the decades.

Finally, Kimpton Hotel has an admirable Industry performance index. Its expansion and marketing strategy has kept it ahead most of its competitors over the years. In January 2009, the hotel was named in magazine 'Fortune's 2009 100 Best Companies to Work For list'. In addition, the hotel establishment continues to enjoy a huge clientele following making it one of the best investment options at a time when the American economy is facing challenges.

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