Characteristics about Germans

Germans exhibit diverse characteristics and stereotypes as described in the book "The Culture Smart Series on Germany." The character traits that the Germans portray are comparable to those exhibited by the Americans. Both the Germans and Americans have a characteristic of not relating to their history. Very few Germans know their history of their country. As a result, some of the ancient traditions have gone to extinction. Nowadays, the Germans have adapted to the modern life and are not about to revive their ancient customs any time soon. Many citizens do not care to know their past history and to them it matters less.

Both the Germans and Americans have also the characteristic of spending more money on fuel than milk. In both states, the level of technology is very high. As a result, many people are rich and won vehicles. The states are very industrialized too hence only a few people take to farming. The lands left for farming are less and the products got from them cannot sustain the large population of these two sates. The supply of milk is also very low as compared to that of fuel. Many Germans as a result prefer taking black coffee due to the scarcity of milk and milk products.

Both the Germans and the Americans are business oriented. This has been attributed by the high levels of education. There are many learning facilities that are wide spread across the two states. As a result, most of the citizens are able to acquire skills from these schools at a low fee that is regulated by the government. The high levels of education have also been attributed by the scarcity of land for farming. This has compelled many citizens to indulge in white color jobs.

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