Power Point Presentation Principles

With the increasing use of PowerPoint presentations in organizations today, the need to create effective presentations has become an essential requirement for the achievement of excellent communication. This means that, one has to understand and apply the best principles that have been proven to improve the effectiveness of presentations. While making a PowerPoint presentation, I took into consideration a number of principles that were meant to improve the look, function and efficacy of my presentation as a communication tools.

Given the numerous principles that can be applied in making of presentations, I was able to use an appropriate number of slides per each page of the presentation, aligning my design with my audience, using well outlined headings, presenting information bitwise, using narration to pass messages, combining visuals with words and using only relevant materials on the slides.

The importance of aligning one presentation with the mind of the audience is crucial for the effective use of power point slides. With this understanding, I was able to prepare my slides with the audience mind always focusing on making it easy for the people to learn from my slides. Furthermore, I was able to ensure that all my slides were not poorly organized but instead, information were presented in a logical manner always giving bits of information on each and every slides. The essence of this principle was to reduce the information that the audience were presented with at any given time.

In creating my presentation, I had to factor in the need to use narration on my slides so as to allow the audience to be able to follow and understand the content of my slide. With emphasis on narration, I am confident that the audience will be able to understand one slide after the other. Likewise, I managed to ensure that all the visuals I used were accompanied with words that gave the slide a good nice and look. All these having been done, the slides appeared presentable not to mention effective.

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