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The book War by Sebastian Junger depicts causalities of war in Afghanistan, personal and social relations affected soldiers. Lt. Col. Bill Ostlund has made the greatest impression in me because of his personal qualities and self-image.  Using this character, Sebastian Junger portrays that the soldiers sent to Afghanistan did not necessarily choose to fight this war but they all were sent as their call of duty regardless of their race, ethnicity, color, gender or age. The reasons why some soldiers decided to enter the Armed Forces vary; some do it to earn money, some see it as a career opportunity, some to follow the footsteps of their military parents and others do it because it has been there lifelong dream. 

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Lt. Col. Bill Ostlund is a real hero committed to die to protect and maintain freedom in this nation.  He is described as: "colonel of Cherokee descent named Bill Ostlund" (Junger 135). Sebastian Junger describes that most soldiers never wanted to go to war unless it is the last resort. Those sent off to war are strangers to one another but are quickly taught to build trust and courage as if we were blood family. After finishing their mission, Bill Ostlund realized that nobody wanted to be there. However, Bill Ostlund had the courage to help comrades and that if soldiers charged down the street, they could trust whichever one was behind.  To Bill Ostlund it did not matter how long soldiers were together, where they had came from, or what color, race, or ethnicity they were. What did matter the most was to return home alive and to enjoy freedom once again.

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I admire Bill Ostlund because he is a modern soldier and a person who possesses the features of an ideal man, and personifies high moral values and physical strength. The modern soldier is a person who is able to distinguish what is good and what is bad, and who follows his personal beliefs. He tries to make a better world paying a special attention to formation of self and universal order. Ostlund often referred to the Taliban as "miscreants"  and spoke of them in singular" (Junger 136). This quote shows that he is a leader who possesses self-belief and tolerance, which helps him to create the reality; he is a high moral person who fights for justice, harmony and orderliness of the universe. Physical strength of Osthund is described as: "Ostlund jumps out like a strange camoufl aged god and climbs down as wooden ladder" (Junger 97).

So, the modern soldier possesses inner strength allowed him to survive. For Ostlund, morale was important during all period of time and was the main tool to control and rule the army. the modern soldier combines the moral and social qualities of a real hero. Strategic vision and tactics helped Ostlund to foreshadow enemy's plans and destroy their defense. "Colonel Ostlund gave orders for the positions to be destroyed and we twelve bombes we dropped on it"( Junger 248). This quote shows that the modern soldier is a man who is full of life experience, but still has to take pains to struggle with the evil. This gives him an immense strength, and a confidence which are perhaps among his greatest attraction.

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In sum Ostlund is admired by Junger who portrays him as a real war man able to resist personal fears. While confronting physically stronger opponent, it is only weaker individual's willingness to kick "bully" in the groin, which would account for his chance of winning. Thus, it appears that; whereas, war continues to remain the ultimate tool of solving geopolitical problems, those who resort to military action as the most effective instrument of achieving their political goals, are being no longer concerned with observing the basics of international law - this is the actual origin of modern war. Strong moral values and moral code are remarkable features of modern soldiers. The task of the modern soldier differs from his ancestors and means that army should neutralize the enemy in order to protect the safety the country and the nation.

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