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Sherwood's work of the Winesburg Ohio was composed in 1919. T he book meant to depict the lives of a small town in America. The work of Sherwood in an attempt to determine what was beneath human life, contributed to the rise of another story in the year 1933. The book that arose as a result of Sherwood's action was known as "Death in the Woods". The two books are almost of the same actions and plans as they both share one theme. The theme shared in this case is that of isolation. This theme is driven from the characters of the people in the two stories. The characters in the story tend to live their lives by one truth by isolating themselves from the rest of the world. This makes the characters in the two stories to be regarded or portrayed as grotesque, of which the meaning is spitted out as living a life of falsehood. The essay pegged in relation of the theme as used in the two books and then linking it to Sherwood's opinion concerning the idea of "grotesque".

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The illustrations from this two books show how the characters carried out themselves in the story and the kind of image they portrayed to the people. The ways of life of human beings differ from one category to the other. It also differs from one ethnicity to the other as people are governed by certain principles. The principles depend on the norms and taboos of a community, society, ethnicity or any other form of organization (Sherwood 23-37)). The two work books of Sherwood were therefore meant to depict some of these living styles of a people. Sherwood also tries to open some of the world's turmoil he has experienced as a writer.

He explains how civil war has caused a negative impact on human life. This can be clearly seen when he brings out a picture on how the peoples' faces are twisted and distorted and therefore appearing "grotesque". As per Sherwood's perception, the time one makes a choice in life of what he or she thinks is good and lives by it, the person is considered to be "a grotesque". On the other hand, the choice made by this particular individual is said to be a decision of choice made out of falsehood. The book also aims at bringing out how the characters of the Wineburg should be perceived in relation to their characters and activities as depicted in this book.

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The novel is entitled to many short stories but relating to the theme of isolation. The stories in the novel or book are linked to the main character whose name is George Willard. The book depicts some of the characters of George in relation to many other characters in this book. The story focuses on the development of George and the impacts he got in reward for all these developments he underwent or gone through as the book suggests. The development is based on George's changed name from George the "artist" to George "the man".  All these developments seen in the story happened as a result of his relation with other characters in the story (Sherwood 34-56). The earned developments mainly focused on the life of George on how he moved on his life and the kind of principles that governed him. Not to forget is the achievements that George made in life or was willing to make in life within his lifespan. It can be clearly seen in the story that there is a strong sense of isolation in relation to the underdevelopment the characters posses. An example is given in the story to illustrate on what it means to isolate something and how it comes out in the story.

The example here is linked to the story "hands" where the character of Wing Biddlbaum is introduced showing on how he isolated himself from the rest of the society. Of all the people in the society, he only had one friend of whom he could share some of his secrets and experiences with and this was nobody other than George Willard. This clearly shows that the story here was also based on the theme of isolation. Wing in the story is also considered to be a grotesque as he keeps his privacy and ways of life to himself and only to leak them to one trusted friend of whom he shares all his happenings or encounters with. In the story, "Death in the woods", the writer tries to explore certain things that lie beneath human life. Just like Winesburg, this story depicts the action of people in a certain small town where people are less concerned about other's lives and conducts their own way of life. Isolation in this case is said to be strong as people do not even recognize each other's faces. The story in this case spells put that even a woman who has lived in the town for many years is still unrecognized and this brings out a strong sensation of isolation in the story.

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The short stories can therefore be said to be speaking more on the theme of isolation as it can be seen in the characters behaviors in the short stories. Isolation has a meaning to separating of oneself from the rest of the people. The story here brings out facts that support the definition of meaning of isolation. This in shown by the behaviors of characters in the story and the way they relate to each other. From the story it can therefore be concluded that the theme of isolation is used as the main one in the story due to the reaction and relation of people in the story.

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