The Ropes

The Ropes is a book that has been a guide in business management for over three decades. There are descriptions of management theories coupled with illustrations. Typically the book deals with issues relating to day to day life of an organization including functionality of culture within such firms. The author successfully brings forth examples of behaviors and decisions having real impact in enhancing or impeding careers of employees (Levy & Ritti, 2009). Through the book, it is evident that one can learn effects of stereotyping within organizations. The essay is an in depth examination of section 7 and 8.

Section 7 analyzes on how "the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong" on evaluation of "Mobility and the power of lower organizational participants". The author had addressed on the importance of grading in an organization in relation to how social ladder is in an organization based on the limitation of opportunities which those who are working in the lower sections do not access to. The author emphasized on class systems which organizations has such as professionals and non-professionals which is based on certification of the employee depending on the degree of their profession in relation to the position which they serve while in the organization.

Its clear that an organization keeps on reorganizing its class systems depending on business needs to downsize or expand its operations in relation to performances of the organization within a given period. The rope does not concern its self on the social aspect of such changes but on its consequences of such changes once they are affected.

The changes being done in an organization promotes mobility of employees up the organization ladder as progress and motivation to those who are hard working and being taken down the ladder is considered as demotion due to non performances in the previous responsibilities which they are bestowed on. Hence, this proves that the higher the organizational ladder an employee has the more responsibilities they bear being in managerial positions.

Its also evidence that once an employee keeps on working at the same position for long they have better opportunities to build extensive network of personal relationships which they in turn give them an informal source of power when he is discharging his duties in an organization. While, there are those managers who defy mobility and prefer to stay in the same position they are even when they are proposed to move up the ladder in form of power, pay or privileges.

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The author has emphasized on the importance of reputation in the jobs being done. Good reputation not only earns the employee such reputation but also pass it over to the organization. Hence, enabling it to build a culture of good reputation which assist it to retain its current customers and attract new once which in turn improves the organization performances.

It is advisable that an organization should evaluate its performances within a given period such as half an year, quarterly or monthly depending on the activities of the organization. With such evaluation the administration then makes an informed decision of how it would right size or down size.

Effective communication between different levels of management is paramount on development of the organization as it passes messages up or down the ladder. Employees consult with each other when they are working. While they also get orders from the top management and they most often seek clarifications to ensure that they understand the instructions as well as report or provide feedback which ensure the communication channels set in an organization are effective.

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From section 8 chapter 56 I have learnt a lot concerning the concept of cool out and 'transmoted'. Initially, I used to think that whenever an employee is given a 'promotion' it was as and appreciation to his/her hard work and diligence. However, from the lenses of the writer it is evident that some of the promotions exhibited are aimed at depriving workers position as well as status. The ultimate aim is to ensure that power structure as well as privilages is preserved. This is attained by giving individuals positions of same rank of less significance, a position of unique merit as well as privileges with less or no power and 'kicking' individuals upstairs. However, from another point of view, is it not necessary to provide some individuals less responsibility and power especially when they are below par instead of firing them? Such an initiative in my view might provide them with an opportunity to redefine themselves.

With regards to staff motivation, it is apparent that on way is to use promotion. There are various strategies to accomplish this for instance dual management opportunity being propelled by Ted. It is evident that such an arrangement might work against the employees as it might be used as a cool out strategy. Nonetheless, when implemented in the most rational manner, it would ensure that workers are highly motivated hence giving their best to the organization. The big question is how those not able to be elevated to managerial position will explain to their families and friends especially considering that they are college graduates (Levy & Ritti, 2009).

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Additionally, through the example of Kerry, it is possible that one can be cooled out not that he/she has not been following the guidelines and principles that dictates their job description but because they are not in line with the personal wishes of top management. On the same note, the steps taken by such managers with no doubt destroys employee's career as it can be seen by Kerry refusal to taking new position. Personally, I would not be comfortable trying to 'transmote' workers just because we hold differing opinion about a given project despite the fact that it is in line with existing business ethics and company's code of conduct. Once in an organization I would be comfortable sharing true information with emp0loyees whenever confronted on certain issues. On the same note, it would be rational to listen and digest their point of view before taking action.

In my view most of the stories share common aspects as compared to differences. For instance in the case of Kerry and Cal, the top managements had strategies of literally killing careers of this individuals. In both cases, there was engagement of in-depth discussion but one party, the top management believed it was always right and could not 'listen' to the complaints brought forth.

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