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Bradfords History of Plimoth Plantation

Bradford was a person who was born in England and that he was a non-conformist Protestants who decided to choose religion as a solution of freedom in their country. Many people thought that the return of Bradford manuscript is the initial return of the colonial history. The truth of the matter is that this person had thought about this long before the arrival of Pilgrims. In simple terms this was an extension from the time of colony up to the year 1647. According to him it was a work which was non-fictional. In this book it is clear that those emigrants who could not adhere to religion, corruption and the laws of the church were prosecuted. In the book the men and women who could not agree with the inclusion of others in the church were known as Puritans. One of the issues that are raised in this book is about religion. The puritans took church issues with a lot of philosophies which were also held by the church and this was against the bible and Christian life.

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The Christian community vehemently objected against the sprinting of the church because they wanted to return to the true ways of faith. From the author we find that the puritans who were against the ways of the church were later prosecuted although they were being tolerated by the queen. It is found out that the prosecution of the puritans became worse after James had ascended into thro ne. At this time the public faced a lot of torture because they were arrested innocently, killed, imprisoned and even stripped of their wordy goods. The Puritans therefore thought that they will flee away from this land and go to Holland where they will get a bit peace. This history is very important because it gives information to the current generation about the origin of pilgrims and Plymouth colony. It is usually a combination of facts and interpretation. The book is called by many readers the preeminent work of 17th century in America.

In this century there existed those reformers who had worked very hard to see that they worship the right God and that there was discipline in the church. There was also the other church which was under various different colors. Most of the believers in this Church of England were pretenders where there were also courts which had very strong jurisdiction.

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In this article there is also the exploration of the party from mayflower which was sailing from the shallop. This exploring party survived a storm and landed on Clark's Island. After the party had sailed for some time there was snow and it suddenly started to rain. The writer of the article states that as the population of the New England continued to grow which was around 1930 the settlers began to settle at various parts of the new towns and several church congregations were also formed. Those people who were staying in the plantations also began to grow in their respective estates.

There is also the scattering of the original Christians as a result of scattering of the population and formation of new town s which were a bit far from Plymouth something which led to formation of other churches. This led to growth of the church where some thought that they can move to another place so that it can be stronger. Several meetings and consultations were held so that the church will not collapse.

From the article it is seen that Bradford used to have a long journey with some religious conformists to America where he used to be accompanied by other people who were mainly merchants, passengers, servants and some adventurers. After this time the economy of England was very weak and about half of the population lost their lives because of starvation, diseases and some exposures. This is when those who survived made a decision to elect Bradford as the governor which happened in 1921 whereby he could provide peaceful relationship with the neighboring community. When this colony was in its early stage there was a division and this came to a standstill in 1927 when Bradford and the majority brought together the original stakeholders.

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It is found out that the economy of Plymouth was basically shared agriculture where by the people of this region depended on the good relationship they had with the neighboring community or nations. The relationship was mostly brought together by trade and diplomacy, together with the education that the Indians were getting form the English people. The Indians were also taught how to grow pumpkins, corn and beans and this made their relationship to be stronger. There was problem in the colony because there was a problem in developing relationships with those people who were non Christians. The author of the article provides an account of Mayflower voyage which was the establishment off Plymouth colony in relation to other communities that were found in India.

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