Falklano-Prostitutes in Bombay


Mary Ellen an American photographer was born in 1940. She is much known for her photojournalism, portraiture, and advertising photography. She happens to be one of the verify few contemporary photographers who has managed to work in different realms of art, as well as photojournalism, having neither compromise on integrity of any them nor her herself. She has developed a reputation for human concern, after realizing that photographing individuals who happen to be radically different than herself might turn exploitive, as confirmed by (mocp.org/exhibitions, 2004), (Worldsexguide, 2005), and (BlogBus, 2005.


The book Falkland Road was written by Mary Ellen with the aim of showing desperation situations those women and children prostitutes either waiting or working in the cattle-like pens, where they undertake their trade, (Naef, 2006) and (New York Times, 2005). . The book was written after Mary went back to Falkland road and located only one prostitute that she had befriended to come up with it. She realized suddenly that one thing that has taken its toll is Aids. The book shows "how gratification women in India and other countries are used for gratification of men," (Squiers, 2000).


Mary Ellen's book contains o65 photographs that were made over six weeks that showed the daily life of both male and women living in Bombay Street. The images by Mary are far much beautiful, electric, shocking, magnificent and far much remarkable. This is based on their emotional powers well as visceral brilliancy of their color. Falkland road can be described as being an astonished work of insight into a world that can be said to be raw as well as frightening. This was made handy by the completeness of the involvement of the photographer, her humanity, and the manner in which she captures the variety of personal life, as claimed by (maryellenmark.com, 1978), (Ellen 2006), (Cotter, 2005). In addition, other marvelous things include their "color, tenderness and passion that still abide there".



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