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Let the Right One In

"Let the right one in" is a book written by John Ajvide Lindqvist, a Swedish writer of horror novels and short stories, born in 1968 at Blackeberg in Sweden. However, the author grew up in Stockholm suburb. "Let the right one in," is a horror novel that is romantic and shows the social realistic vampire story that was published in 2004. This book did grasp the market, and it's success span all through Sweden and overseas. The author worked as a magician and a humorist comedian, for twelve years before commencing on his writing career. He was involved at performing the street magic as a teenager to the tourists who walked on Vasterlanggatan in his home place of Stockholm. He has written screenplay for the "Sveriges Television drama" series "Kommissionen" beside fiction. He too was a contributor author to "Reuter and skoog" which was a debut television series of old time.

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This is a novel written by the Swedish author Lindqvist. It is an Horror novel, which offers various twists that are argued could not still be familiar to the modern-day authors of empire fiction. In this book, the main characters are Oscar and Eli. Osaka who is a much bullied 12-year pupil, who lives in the suburbs of Stockholm, he gets to realize that his next-door neighbor, who was Eli, is full of some peculiar characteristics. He realized that Eli only comes out of his house at night, and he has a bad smell and his gender is not easy to ascertain "smells like death warmed over him and is of ambiguous gender." At the fall of the curtain, Eli is made to testify that he is a real vampire that feeds on the neighborhoods lowlife for survival. To his surprise, a bite in one of his victims does not cause death, and because these are unaware of the vampire traits acquired due to the bite, they get into rampages that end under spectacular and gruesome fates. The gory set pieces despite the existence of as saccharine and pure as well as wholesome friendship propel the plot of this novel between Eli and Oscar.

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In the horror novel, Eli is depicted as a genderless boy. A sadist vampire nobleman castrated this person centuries ago. This is proven by the page eleven episodes where Eli changes his clothing into a "dress and offers a glimpse of a suggestive scar" but not an explanation that is unambiguous. Oscar is thus tempted, and he asks Eli to be his girl friend. Due to this proposal by Oscar, Eli stammers as he tries to explain to his friend Oscar that he is not a woman "I'm not a girl." This is a scene that in the novel, "Let the right one in", depict the character conflict between Eli and Oscar, Oscar is straight forward, and he shows all aspects of a man, including asking Eli to be his girlfriend, but Eli cannot be Oscar's girlfriend.

This makes Oscar dumbfounded, and Eli tries to explain to Oscar that he is not actually a girl. Characters here conflict due to the ambiguous and genderless status of Eli. In this case, one is justified to believe that Oscar is thus a right forward individual, while Eli is androgynous. This because Eli is not able to justify his stand when confronted by Oscar who suggests that if Eli is a girl, then, let her be his girlfriend. This conflict is set to create the reality of the vampire and social status. It has a nature of outlining the confused element of the vampire.

In a second scene, on one evening, Eli did meet with Oscar. They are attracted to each other and "sweet romance blossoms" between them. From this scene, Oscar is able to learn how to overcome any of his tormenters and to his surprise; he unfolds the secret that Eli hold. The dark secret as well as the horrible happenings that were noted in Stockholm. Oscar decides that together they must come up with strategies and help Eli be gone and seek life elsewhere, otherwise he stays, and they shall have to die. In this scene, Oscar is conscious to know more regarding Eli, who to his surprises his nocturnal.

Eli is seen only at night, and Oscar his only able to meet him, after his mother has gone to work at night and he is left in command of their house. From the scene, Oscar can be deduced a conscious character who cares for the communal welfare, and he realizes that, Eli is behind all happening in Stockholm suburb. The decisions to either help Eli leave and live or having him stay and die, is critical and required wit and good thinking. This scene thus shows Oscar as a reasonable person who cares for the welfare of the Stockholm life hood. This is opposed to what Eli does. Eli is a cruel being who inflicts pain to the community form his own survival. He does not care of how others perceive it, but he has to satisfy his desires and a way of life.

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In both scenes, the vampire-undefined identities are outlined. Vampires are out to harm the human race through disguise, and this is what Eli does the best. He dresses weirdly just to camouflage and strike the lowlife of Stockholm. Being a horror novel, the relationship that exists between Oscar and Eli, is significantly critical. It makes the readers glued to the book as scenes unfold and frustrating happenings are noted.

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