White Noise

The book is divided into three parts namely Waves and Radiation, The Airborne Toxic Event, and Dylar. The first part extensively covers on the premises of the novel and presents necessary perspective for the ensuing portions. In the book technological developments is cited as a component in changing society and so might hold positive or negative effects especially in the realm of communication.

The second part of White Noise portends its own whine the perilous drone consequences of technology run wrong. The book which was written in 1985 contains prophetic forethoughts, like most foresights, it is faraway dark than the future its fears. The narration is packed with grace and strewn with delicate occasions that might be amusing, however, after some weeks when they have shimmered and disappeared one might speculate if they were an oases or fantasies. For instance a leak from a rail-car in the community emits a toxic chemical into the atmosphere. Word breaks out and instills fear among the inhabitants of this neighborhood, an act that is evident through Heinrich whose radio is on.

The third portion brings forth the choices that most people make in order to feel safe or comfortable and what might be the repercussions. For instance, a realization to Gladney that his wife has been seeing another man creates in him a feeling to react in order to save self. On the other hand his wife is cheating at her convenience that Mr. Gray, is an amalgamation of a number of characteristics. In return Mr. Gray offers Dylar to her, a medicine believed to have the ability to eradicate human fear of death.

White Noise significantly is book extensively exposing American citizen's fear of death, and continues to touches upon so many impractical issues in the society that it certainly extends far beyond this subject.

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