Rage in the City

Rage in the Gate City is considered to be an important read to all Atlantans to date. It does not only account for the tragic past of the Atlanta during the summer of 1906 but as exudes an aura of historical importance that the people should not forget. This book covers not only the compelling and rich history of the past but more so tackled how the difference in colors and race led to a brutal series of killings and riots. The book revolves on how the killings of the Black people were sensationalized by the city press but has always been misunderstood (18).

The differences between the blacks and the whites have always been an issue in the past. The brutality that has been the direct result of such differences had brought lots of economic and social problems in the society. The Rage in the City has definitely tackled this topic with such respect and sensitivity despite the fact that it has been caused by political ambition and misinformation. Overall, the book has depicted what would happen if the society will be given wrong information just so political ambition and personal gain can be realized.

It can be said that the main goal of this non-fiction narrative history of the past is to ensure that such ignorance about races and the violence attached to it will not repeat itself. It must not be forgotten that many things in the past happened because of the lack of knowledge and communication. People have to be educated and they must learn that each and every individual has to look out for themselves and for their neighbours as well. There are differences in the society and people differ as well. However, the Rage in the Gate City is living testimony of human interactions and their ability to recover from what has been lost.

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