The Diseases


            While attending the wedding, both Linda and Mark have had an equal amount of alcohol. That is two glasses of martini and another two glasses of champagne each. However, they respond to the intoxication differently. First, it is because of their differences in genders, and second, is their different body weights. With reference to table C3-3, at 100 pounds Linda has taken much enough to sink her deep into legal intoxication. While on the other hand, at 180 pounds, Mark has taken enough drinks to significantly affect his driving skills. From that, therefore it is estimated using table C3-5 that Linda’s blood alcohol levels could have reached 0.20% while Mark’s blood alcohol level could be standing at 0.15%. In effect, both Mark and Linda face side effects of brain tissue shrinkage, brain hemorrhage, harm to vision, memory, learning, reasoning, and speech. They can also get involved into a road accident while driving. Moreover, from both of their levels of intoxication therefore, it is explicit that none of them is in a better position to drive. This is because Mark has certainly faced an impairment of his driving skills, while Linda is legally intoxicated.


            Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder, or a mental disorder as others may refer to it. It is something that majorly occurs to women at adolescence or in their middle age. Still yet, it could happen to men too. At a certain age, especially in the lives of women, they would think that being thin is the ultimate way to look and feel beautiful. However, anorexia goes beyond concern for being an obese because a person begins to diet to lose weight, but over time, they become so obsessed with it that it becomes and feels like a part of their life. This is very similar to what the family friend is going through in this case. The best way to help her out therefore is to help her understand, and accept that there is a problem. This can be very difficult; especially if she believes that dieting is her only source of happiness. Anyway, by showing her the dangers that she faces, it would be best to advise her to seek help from a specialist, probably a nutritionist, who could recommend a proper diet for her and maybe guide her through the best therapy to solve the problem.



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