Fungal Genetics

I do believe that knowledge is power because if one thinks that education is expensive, ignoring that truth is the most expensive consequence both in the present and future. I have taken a bold move to further my studies by applying for a PhD course at the University of Nottingham. I am from France and willing to commit myself to the attainment of information about fungal genetics. I have already linked with Professor David Archer, who accepted being my supervisor. He guided me into dealing with a subject based on "hydrophobic binding proteins expression in aspergillus Niger and their potential role in attachment and degradation of wheat straw," which is relevant, in production of biofuels.

The fungal kingdom is large and diverse hence sexual reproduction in a fungi life being a distinct role. Although there are accomplishments of some works on fungal genetics, there should be keen interest to mycologists. I have a broad mastery in the field of fungal genetics because I have done six internships in the same field. I am a master’s student in France studying Integrative Biology. I look forward to become a lecturer in microbiology in the coming years, and I will give back fully to the society, what I will acquire from Nottingham University.

The feasibility of biofuels and biochemical’s performance largely depends on advances in the pretreatment and hydrolysis technologies. They used to obtain sugars from hemicelluloses and cellulose of wall cells of a plant. Biological pretreatment has a lot of benefits for it requires ales energy and results in fewer inhibiting compounds. Understanding of termites, as well as, fungal systems, provides insights that are relevant in the development of pretreatment which is more effective in the realization of benefits.

I believe that I will use the knowledge I will receive in transforming France and the world at large positively.



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