The Three Chimpanzees

Chimpanzees commonly believed to be from the hominidae family that also comprises of orangutans, gorillas and humans. They are fascinating creatures mainly through their distinct behavior characteristics such as being social and intelligent. This paper seeks to expound on the fact that humans are closely related to the chimpanzees than any other mammal.

Several studies have been done about the relationship between humans and chimpanzees. Starting from the biological angle, comparative DNA analysis reveals a more close relationship between the humans and chimpanzees than any other primates. Genetically, there is a small variation between the humans and chimpanzees.

Physically, there are more characteristics that point out the close relationship between these two mammals, for instance, the ability to make and use own tools to perform certain tasks. Chimpanzees are known to use branches and large sticks as weapons and use them for self defense. Their eating habits are also interesting sometimes supplementing their diets with meat. The fact that behavior in both mammals are learned rather than being instinctive and are further passed down from generation to generation is also a strong similarity and reflect the close relationship between the two. Chimpanzees look out for each other and are considered social animals and often groom each other. Activities such as holding hands and kissing when they meet are part of their grooming (Jenssen, 2001). They have spectacular conflict resolution strategies where one member is persuaded to stand down from a fight during aggression a situation quite similar to what happens in humans. These mammals also have reconciliation procedures after conflicts. It gets interesting here as sex, normally a reproductive activity in most animals, is an inherent part of social relationships among the chimpanzees.

From the above analysis, we can be able to deduce that humans are closely related to chimpanzees than any other mammal in the world. Chimpanzees exhibit many physical and biological traits that make the above conclusion viable.



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