Darwin’s Rib

In supporting biological evolution, Root-Bernstein has based his facts on the similarities of different body parts of organisms like the comparison if the differences in the skeletons of the chimpanzees and those of human being. He also explained anatomical difference between the human female and male skeleton. In explaining these differences, he asks his students’ questions since he feels that for a period of seven years the students have almost the same answer for the reasons for the differences in the human female and male skeletons. In the use of student, he wanted them to investigate the basis of his questions after proper understanding of the questions. The professor ever feels that after offering some additional information for proper understanding of his questions, the final answer should be giveaway, which is the childbearing opening that explains the difference between female pelvis from the males’. In this exercise, the conjugative measurement, and the dimorphism sexual illustrations are aimed at translating theory into practical on explaining the pronounced physical differences between the non-human primates like the chimpanzees (Root-Bernstein, 1995). In his theory using ribs Root-Bernstein explains that all organisms owing to a given similarity are if the same origin.

Lamarck in his transmutation theory did not believe that living things originated from a common ancestor but from continual spontaneous generations. This contradicted the Darwin’s Evolution Theory which explained the evolution as a direct self adopting process by which characteristics are changed from a species to another due as a response to changes of the environment. With the Lamarck’s theory, if full organic mutation ever occurred in the human race, then their individual characteristics would have been preserved and from the inheritance principles, they could produce same-charactered offspring (Darwin and 1994). Therefore, the Lamarck’s theory of species transmutation contradicts Darwin’s theory of natural selection, from these principles, the origin of living organisms is best explained by scientific fact and not mare documentations like the biblical male-female rib transfer.



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