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The Garage Construction

A foundation normally consists of two components: the footing(s) and the foundation wall(s). The sectional size of the footing under the walls is proportionate with the walls. This ensures that the wall of the structure to be built would stand on a firm ground.

In the garage construction, the footings are 300mm thick and 300mm in height.

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pistemological idealism which states that reality is strictly an immaterial construct of mind that exists only in the independent-minded beings as explained by Hasker.

Although Maddox identifies consciousness as a positive feature, self-awareness and intelligence as the only three criteria of meeting sentience by a human being, morality remains a fundamental characteristic that one requires in order to be recognized as a “person”. One must distinguish accurately between what is right and wrong beforehand using a clear judgment. Ethics and mannerism are also considered.

I am strongly convinced that artificial intelligence will not get to the level presented in the story in the future because androids cannot attain the desired human qualities such as consciousness, self-awareness, morals and coordinated mental constructs. I also believe that Maddox is right when stating that Picard is irrational and emotional in his view of Data. He supports his opinion by saying that machines fall short of meeting the requirements of sentience set by a human being.

I do not agree with the JAG officers’ final ruling because androids cannot attain similar status and mental abilities that human beings have. If Artificial Intelligence does become possible, then we will not be under any obligation to treat machines ethically because machines, such as androids, are humans’ constructs meant to fulfill their interests and curiosity thus could not attain status similar to the one people possess in the universe.

In the garage construction, the footings are 300mm thick and 300mm in height.

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What is the internal measurement of the master bedroom?

The internal measurement of the master is bedroom a square of 3800mm by 4980mm.

What is the ceiling height in laundry WIP and ground floor WC?

The false ceiling height in the laundry WIP is 2100 mm less 1000mm. This leaves a difference of 1100mm.The ceiling height of the WC is calculated by subtracting the WC toilet height from the total house ceiling height; in this case, it will be 2100 mm less 680 mm making it 1320mm.

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What is the roof pitch?

Roof pitch refers to the degree of slanting that the roof gradually rises from the lowest side to the elevated side. It is measured in degrees. The roof pitch of the house is 22.50. The roof pitch is determined by the desired shape of the house that comes from the design. It is important to note that roof pitch can as well be determined by the prevailing climatic conditions of the place that the house is built. Areas where there is snow falling requires a more elevated pitch that allows faster fall of the accumulated snow on the roof. On the other hand, windy areas require a small roof pitch (less elevated) in order to reduce the effects of strong wind on the house. A roof pitch of 22.50 shows that the area in which the house is built does not have extreme weather conditions.

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