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The Orlando Museum of Art

The Orlando Museum of Art is one of the best arts museums in the world. It was started in 1924 and, like most of Orlando museums; it has a customary devotion to safeguard Florida's historical proof of development of art. Additionally, it shows how the history influenced present day forms of art. The museum consists of twelve exhibitions that exhibit both American and African art, audio-visual programs, art education talks, lessons, and other art edifying services.

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Photography is prohibited in the museum so one has to keep a mental image if he or she wants to tell about their experience in the art museum. The majority of exhibits at the Orlando Museum of Art are only displayed in the museum for a period. In this museum, there are various wonderful painted pictures. Oil paintings of snow, gardens, landscapes, oceans, and ships were on display at the time. Painted pictures are not exactly my favourite category of art, but I was spellbound by the fascinating brush strokes. I stood back and wondered how a person could draw such a painting.

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I was privileged to see the George Inness masterpiece named "Landscape, Greene County, New York." This is an 1877-1878 antique oil painting on canvas. It was a Gift of The Martin Andersen-Gracia Andersen Foundation in remembrance of Martin Andersen and Acquisition Trust in 1986. The paintings I liked most were those that depicted authentic people and happenings. The painting of the construction of the Manhattan Bridge was my favourite painting. The painting was a perfect reminder of the celebrated picture of a group of men having their lunch on a beam of the Empire State building, which I absolutely love.

In the museum, there were stunning pictures of the Big Cypress, which is sandwiched by Naples and Miami. These photos in exhibition here were in black and white and were an amazing sight. These magnificently vivid photos captured a field of wild flowers, alligators, beautiful and rare ghost orchids, and blackened skies. I would never have gotten the opportunity to see this beauty offered by the Big Cypress were it not for them being captured in these photos. On display at the time was a mesmerizing black and white photo of a wrinkled tree that had been damaged by hurricane Andrew. The sun had scorched the tree for so long that it turned white.

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This was one of the most remarkable trees I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. These pictures were simply amazing. They were a very striking and gripping works of art. Among these pictures also was a picture that was shot from the Big Cypress's parking lot and it was simply awesome. This picture showed a crane perched on a tree while an alligator lying afloat in the lake. This masterpiece inspired a feeling of wonder. It was akin too seeing nature at its most serene and tranquil time. The photographer, who captured this gem, was once quoted saying "you just have to open your eyes to find the beauty," when asked by the Grand Cypress visitors about the best position to take a photograph.

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