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Cultural Identity

It can be valid to strongly agree that cultural artistry has contributed greatly to the society where art is valued to a greater extent. I also agree that in every culture, people use art to demonstrate the various periodic eras of time. They also use them to express mood and related expressions. The drawings of the Pyramids clearly define the beliefs of the Egyptian people and their vivid cultures. Works of art describe the identity of a culture and makes it an authentic cultural identity.

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The baroque period was one of the most productive times of art, sculpture, architecture and music. It can be said from the various architectural designs as well as the sculpture artistry that art was the predominant factor as far as the period's characteristics are concerned. The famous artists and architects were from this time. "The sense of limitless power, checked by an overwhelming sense of cosmic relationships, produced by a style which startles by its contrast, yet exhibits a singular and unique unity".

The Aztec art best describes expressions of religious and mythical concepts to legitimize the power of the state. This artistic language spoke predominantly through symbols and metaphors. Perhaps it will help in thinking about what came before the Aztecs, and what might have followed if their civilization had managed to survive. The artistic style that became popular had been developing for hundreds of years. Some of the artistic elements of the Aztec came from the people at the heart of the empire. It mainly came from the people they conquered.

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Initially, the Aztecs were a nomadic tribe with no craftsmen or artists. They settled in the valley of Mexico and overpowered the citizens of small settlements, such as the Colhuacan. They curved stones and made monuments for their gods and kings. Sculptures represented their myths, dreams, illusions and life as well as death. These representations are far much into specific groups of people who share certain aspects of culture. Therefore they cannot have a significant meaning in other people. They may bring out different emotions and significance in different cultural perspectives

Emotions that resulted from the Aztec arts can be said to only affect the specific believers of such works of art. This therefore means that the Aztecs had their own identity that manifested itself in their sculptors. For example the feathered serpent portrays a snake in a coiled position with its jaw opened to reveal the sharpness of its teeth. This figure represents Quetzalcoatl, one of the most important gods in the Aztec pantheon, Matos (1981). This serpent gave humans the know-how of agriculture and of art, fundamental for their survival and the development of their soul, and the piece pays home age to this role in fertility, renewal and transformation.

Classical temples and their libraries were the models for the buildings of Washington DC. Greco-Roman classical architecture, symbolic of democracy and knowledge, suited the American enlightenment because the real founders found themselves as lighting and carrying the torch of knowledge and wisdom. Most national buildings have the architectural orders of the Greco-Roman Temples, not ones that bring Christianity to mind; neither do they symbolize pagan deities. Philosophers and educated people of all time saw temple designs like the temple of sun, the Parthenon and the Roman pantheon a symbolism of democracy and philosophy. If there is any building in the United States that could be truly considered the pantheon of the American spirit, it would be the Jefferson Memorial.

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Art can play a fundamental role in restoring structure to a damaged social fabric. Art allows us to perceive the mystery of the world, but it provides lucidity and joy at the same time. Art can be said to define a culture and the people in the community. Drawings, sculptures, paintings and architectural designs define the different social dimensions of a particular group of people.

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