Silver Jackie

Art is the use of human skills to evoke the other people's emotions in different ways by the creative application of paintings and architectural designs. It brings out the economic and cultural perspective to signify creativity. From prehistoric times, human used art to give a picture on their economic, cultural and social aspects of prehistoric forms of lives. In fact, it is argued that without the art, the understanding of man's past, diversity and rich culture would have been not easy.  Critical pointers towards the forms of life led by early man have been availed by the availability of their art works. The role of art as an identity and culture has continued to the modern times when art has been used to reflect all types of issues that encompass our society.

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The analysis of the work of Jack Pierson - Silver Jackie presents articulate use of elements that arouses the feelings of the viewer. Jack Person has distinctively made use of plywood, silver myler, lights, cigarette butts and paint to create one the most interesting artwork in history. However, one of the most important aspects of the artwork that makes it an interesting and emotional captivating object of sight is the use of paint in one of best shades to present identity in art. The application of the Elements, Principles, or the work's composition and design all combine to provide the aspect of global identity.

This piece of artwork elicits my interest and raises my emotions to high levels. It clearly brings out its creative application to economize the limited available space and resources that represents the hallmark of creativity in artwork. After keen view of the art I noted the uniqueness of architecture and its application to the current economic demand of package space. In addition to the above, this artwork reinforces interest of the viewers because of the less materials used in the construction of the buttress structure.

Falling under the art genre of sculpture, it strongly stands as a depiction of how our ideologies are intertwined by our feeling within the society, our relationship with others and our thoughts and fears in regards to our future.  The art work has the capacity to leave differences within our identities that our visual capacities captures and elicits different feelings. Jack Pierson therefore leaves his own feelings on the artwork by the application of personal thoughts on the projects to develop a feeling of inspiration and effectively differentiate two scenarios.  

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A number of techniques have been used by artists to define own unique identities and effectively communicate the themes of this artwork. One of the strategies that has been widely adopted in the achievement of this objective in artwork is the portraiture "Portraiture refers to a Photoshop or light room and aperture that make it simple to achieve excellence in portrait retouching while identity encompasses the unique blend of character, gender, race, sexual orientation and values that defines and distinguishes each person from another" (Moon, 2001). Such techniques have effectively been used by artists to express feelings, desires, behavior and character.

Born in 1960 Plymouth, Massachusetts, Jack Pierson grew as a photographer and an artist and represents the current generation of artists who seek to evoke other people's emotions in different ways by the creative application of paintings and architectural designs, bring out the economic and cultural perspective to signify creativity and explore the human rich cultural diversity and identity. Created in 1991, the Silver Jackie represents the artist's individual beliefs and experiences. The work of this artist has therefore been influenced by modernism.

It has been projected that all almost all aspects of life are mirrored in art. This link between art, identity and globalization has been echoed by Moon (2001) in stating it could be argued that all art objects concern themselves ultimately with identity, either explicitly or implicitly. My contact with this artwork led to intense emotional feeling and increase for the love of art. While this can be said to be the same feeling I was harbor for excellent artworks and collections of art, whether institutional or personal, and the critical apparatus that envelops the production and presentation of art, I believe this artwork represented the creativity of the current generation. Jack Pierson collections available in the museum contribute powerfully to the demonstration of a country's identity.

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Furthermore, the artistic expression as presented by Jack Pierson in his artwork -Silver Jackie is a powerful artistic work that depicts primary and playful aspects of art using the basic resources to evoke human emotions. In my personal view and on the basis of my experience and association with various forms of art, I believe this artwork is complete and lacks no other aspect that may make it appear better or present its themes to the viewers in a better way.

Pierson has expressed his themes through complex pictures that do not demonstrate complete deviation from the norm and determines the expressionist in nature in art, where he has experimented with the most simple resources and different materials to create installations that are both, unique and intriguing. In conclusion, Jack Pierson's artwork - Silver Jackie elicits emotion and love for art and there is abidance in the fact that the artwork achieves its objectives.

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