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20th Century Modernism

Modernism is the deliberate departures of traditional with the use of innovative formation of expressing distinguish in many styles in literature on 20th century. In arts, the radical break of the past and concurrent searches for new forms in expression (Rancheti, 16). Modernism has fostered period of the experimentation in arts. It is also defined as the modern movement that marked a very conscious break with past and has been dominant expressions of the design practice.

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Futurism is the movement in arts, originated from Italian painters shortly after world war one. They went ahead to oppose traditionalism and the sought to depicting the dynamic movement through the elimination and conventional formation through stressing speed, flux and the violence of machine age (Vidler, 21). Modernism and futurism combines in many ways, modernist's art usually perceive the experience of life in that traditional societal had a collective faith and the identity to be eroding and most out dated. The slaughter in twentieth century was mechanized during the world war I was an event which made modernist that distrust the reason also the sunder self -satisfied views on moral improvement of belief progress and human society (Hutchison, 33).

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According to analytical futurism  futurists are involved in the type of futurism are more developing and testing of newer methods and models, such models are systems of theory and the cybernetics which are now able to an extent of predicting some of future qualitative changes (Hutchison, 35). The latest achievement that was analytic futurism is study of different possible futures that is called study alternate futures. It is studying of the difference scenarios of the future and the resulting to the consequences of the happening. In doing that they review the negative and positive effects and each alternating which can cause the difference in realms of life and study in planning compensate ill-effects in progress in one realm life on the other (Hutchison, 37). On the other hand visionary futurism depicts ideals and the visions of future cannot be really the main subject to beyond science. The importance character of model also believes in the previous plan and the design in world therefore the plan of future has been devised in past.

Abstract expressionism is vague term that refers to general movement of the largely a non-representative painting that flourished in America. It was one of the modern art movements that dominated in twentieth century. The artists in 1900s also wanted the freedom of expressing the emotion through their art. Unlike what they saw they wanted their emotions to be painted on objects for response (Davidson, 13). The whole idea in expressionism was for it to pass message and allow artist to freely paint and what is felt as opposed to what is there.

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In addition to that the ways or methods used by artist in emphasizing and portraying emotional subjective response to objects through painting were the techniques used. They comprised of distortion, color exaggeration, blurring and much more. There is difference between Expressionism and the Impressionism. Expressionism mostly concentrates on emotions and expression is the main aim of these while impressionism is about painting the form in a manner which shows or reflects on how the form reacts to the surrounding (Daly, 17). In conclusion, the futurism and expressionism in modern society had created different perception and changes with impact to each century.

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