Community Collage

School as a community is made up of stakeholders that should be present at all times for its operations to be meaningful and successful as depicted by the collage above (Henry, 2008). At the center of the collage drawing above is the main entity of a school, the buildings and the compound of the school. This is what makes up a school and is made more reasonable by the drawing in the bottom right-hand side where a parent is seen bringing a pupil to school.

The role of the buildings is to host almost half of the school community so that learning facilities can take place. At the top right-hand side, we are able to visualize two students who are perhaps attentive to a teacher who is steering the learning process just like any other school. A pencil is available next to the students and is made available in order to make them write their notes appropriately.

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The centre top of this collage is a blackboard and is made available so that learning on students' part is enhanced. In front of the board is a student who perhaps may have been requested by the teacher to write some of the things learnt. At the top left hand side is a teacher whose role is important because assist students in the learning process. Below the teacher are two other students who are busy reading thereby making the school a meaningful community.

At the bottom left hand side are books that are probably needed by the students so that their learning process can be enhanced. A measuring ruler is also made available to enhance learning. A ball is also available for students to play with it whenever they have a break while carrying out their studies.

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