Guernica is an art work that was done by Pablo Picasso, in reaction to Guernica's bombing by Italian and German warplanes. He was requested to do the painting by the Spanish nationalist forces in April 1937, during the civil war in Spain. The Spanish republican government ordered Pablo Picasso to develop a huge mural for the Spanish exhibit at the Paris global exposition in the 1937 Globe's fair in Paris.

Guernica painting, by Pablo Picasso was against political system at the time it was created. This is because the art work displays the tragedies of politics and the suffering it imposes to individuals, specifically innocent civilians. This art work has got monumental status. It is an everlasting reminder of tragedies of political war, an anti-war sign, and an embodiment of peace.


The preoccupying idea of Guernica is actually death that was caused by war due to political system of Spain. At the centre of Guernica painting is unseen skull which dominates the subliminal of viewer impressions. The skull is displayed sideways and has been cleverly superimposed onto the horse's body. This is a symbol of death. The skull's mechanical look appears suitable to the modern artillery employed in the 1937 bombing.

Under the dying horse, at the center of the painting, is a hidden bull's head enclosed in the outline of the buckled front leg of the horse. The Guernica art work displays suffering individuals, buildings and animals wrenched by chaos and violence. The general scene is in a room at which a wide-eyed bull stands over a lady grieving over a dead kid in her arms.

Guernica painting is essential to the political system. The painting displays the consequences of wars that might be caused by unhealthy political system. The painting is a symbol for peace. Therefore, since politics might result to violence and chaos, it does not support political system.



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