Portraiture Documents

Portraiture documents develop the ideas of identity of various people in different ways. The art work of Tutmose in Egypt shows the picture of the most beautiful woman in the world known as Nefertiti. The picture of Nefertiti is made beautiful by her painted bust in one of the Egyptian museums Stokstad M. 1999, pp 23. The excellent painting of Nefertiti gives the picture wonderful life.

The art work of Nefertiti reflects the culture of the Egyptian people and how they portray their identity. The picture of Nefertiti is made from core and this core is believed to be a representation of a detailed inner statue of a queen. The picture of Nefertiti represents the queen who is adjacent to the king and therefore can offer sacrifices just like the king. The offering of sacrifices to one God by Nefertiti shows the religious beliefs and culture of the Egyptian people. Another belief of the Egyptian people is that a wife is supposed to be royal and therefore the picture of Nefertiti was made in such a way to represent royal wife. Nefertiti was seen to embody a perfect representation of the beauty shared by all people Stokstad M. 1999, pp 29.

The art work of Nefertiti represents an actual person and in this cases the queen of Egypt. The work of Nefertiti shows that the people of Egypt are religious and they serve only one God. More so, it is a representation of modern culture where people go to holy places to worship. The style of representation of this particular work is related to the meaning of the artwork. It is represented in a way that gives it life. This is done by using core as which represents a detailed inner statue of a queen. The materials used to create the Nefertiti sculpture also carry specific meanings about the identity and function of the sculpture as well. In this sculpture, core and limestone have been used to create a beautiful image of the queen Stokstad M. 1999, pp 34.

Polykleitos created the picture of human form in his sculpture of doryphoros. This was made in a museum in Greek and the picture is a representation of a spear bearer. According to this sculpture, Greek people are seen to have believed in God. Doryphoros is a picture that shows that Greek people valued the beauty of human kind Stokstad M. 1999, pp 54. It shows a good representation of human kind with the image created in good proportions in order to show the perfect work of the creator. Polykleitos made good mathematical calculations when creating doryphoros because he believed that beauty would represent his spirituality hence we can say that they had a religious culture.

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The image of doryphoros was made from bronze since it was the available traditional medium of making sculptures, Stokstad M. 1999, pp 59. The use of bronze material in making of the art work shows they preferred the use of bronze which shows strength. This art work represents an actual person holding a spear. The person holding the spear represents a warrior in the Greek culture. The picture of the doryphoros is a nude image of a man that is used to portray male beauty according to the Greek culture. The representation of the doryphoros with a man holding a spear shows that the Greek people believe in success in athletics.

The style of representation of this art work is idealized by using accurate measurements that show a good representation of human kind Stokstad M. 1999, pp 67. More so, the representation is made natural by its excellent representation of the male beauty. The representation is related to the meaning of the art work since it has a good picture of male person who is holding a spear to signify his preparedness for difficult situations.

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Geisha as daruma crossing the sea is a Japanese painting by Suzuki harunobu Stokstad M. 1999, pp 78. This painting is a representation of a beautiful woman crossing the sea. This art work shows that the people of Japan value landscapes and migration. The picture is made up of polychrome wood block print on a piece of paper. This shows that the artist and the rest in Japan value the beauty of a woman. More so, the painting compares a woman with a beautiful blue landscape that shows peace. In this connection, beauty is compared with peace.

The artwork represents an actual Japanese woman during migration. The art work shows that the people of Philadelphia believe in the beauty of women Stokstad M. 1999, pp 83. In addition, the picture shows that the people have a culture where women are valued as well as their beauty. The representation of the woman is made natural by the way the painting is done. The picture has a smooth painting that represents the true beauty of a woman. More so, the color used is that of a Japanese skin color and this makes the picture appear real and natural.

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The painting of geisha as daruma crossing the sea is made up of polychrome wood block printed on paper. This makes the painting look beautiful because of the kind of material used. The materials used help to bring out the real meaning of beauty which was the main aim of the artist.

The painting of the spirit of Haida Gwaii by Bill Reid shows the picture of a bear seated down in the bow of the boat Stokstad M. 1999, pp 108. It also has the mother of the bears watching over them. The sculpture is made from bronze since bronze is a strong material. The Painting has a black polish that gives it an argillite look. In this sculpture, the man at the center seems to know where the boat is heading to. This art work reflects the culture of the people of and beliefs of the people of Haida Gwaii. This is because in the sculpture the mother has to monitor the bears due to the belief that they have come from one myth to another. The people here have a culture whereby they are traditionalists because of their belief in myths. The people are also portrayed as hard working since we are shown in the picture that they have paddles to paddle the boat Stokstad M. 1999, pp 178.

The art work represents an actual person who has the spirit of the Haida Gwaii. The representation is a naturalized by the good drawing of the bear. The use of bronze as the material for drawing the sculpture shows strength among the Canadian people. More so, the representation is idealized by the prese4ntyation of a woman as the one who is supposed to take care of her kids. The sculpture shows that the Canadian people value their warriors because they believe that their culture will be remembered for the kind of artists, warriors or heroes and heroines it has had Stokstad M. 1999, pp 106.

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