Abstract Art

Art has always been one of the most common aspects of human life. Throughout human life there is evidence of the different kinds of art whether it is in paintings, music, poems and modeling. It is uncommon for anyone to find himself or herself a in place where there are no artistic features. There is always an artistic feature behind every scene but what differs is either the intended meaning of the art, the understanding of the audience towards the artistic feature and the meeting of the differences between the presenter and the recipient of the desired information. It is for these reasons that many people do not realize any artistic features or efforts around them as they either lack interest or they do not understand the meaning of an artistic expression.

There has been a varying representation of the information and the purpose of art as it has been experienced throughout the history of human beings. One such difference has been brought by the difference in purpose and intent from the different artists. The artists who abide to realism have always focused on ensuring that there is some message passed on from any artistic work. To the contrary, those who abide to abstract art are not concerned about the information in the art work but they are more focused on bringing an appealing side of the art work (Gantefuhrer, 96).

Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque were some of the earliest documented artists in history and their work and the impact of their art is still felt up to the present. Both of them exploited each other's strengths in art as was seen when Braque who had studied how to present artistic drawings as seen from three dimensions. They developed cubism which is the characteristic of presenting drawings to be seen as if they are viewed from three directions (Hale, 78). The two artists worked so closely so much so that Picasso referred to their relationship as marriage in many instances. Later in development of art, abstraction came in and it had much a bit of deviation from the commonly known principles used in classical realism.

Classical realism emphasized that a work of art should illustrate understandable representation in an object or a scene although due to changes this was more demanding as styles and medium for representation in art changed. Towards the last quarter of the 19th century there was tremendous change in art. The much emphasized academic representation in art started to fade and the modern art started creeping in. more techniques were added such as the use of color, the three dimensional works were slow being dropped and more shapes were introduced (Gunderson, 106).

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From these techniques, the modern art started to deviate away from reality which started with subversion of formerly academic style which was much emphasizing on realism in the way of impression (Hale, 88). However, this art was largely based on the real world although there were few artists whose work of art was mainly abstraction. There was also considerable influence on abstraction from the Art Nouveau Movement. This was an international movement which was focused on modern art and the movement was an innovative one bringing in fashionable modern art in late 19th century. It was basically developed to respond to the traditional art called historism and from its emphasis on bringing change in art popularly helped in its acquisition of the name New Art. The artistic work was mainly decorative, applied and fine art although it accommodated other kinds of art and crafts in that era (Gantefu%u0308hrer, 138).

Abstract art was mainly formed behind the idea of adopting and respecting the modern art as it was understandably as important and meaningful just as the traditional art. Aesthetics which was not given much consideration in historism and other traditional arts was starting to be a major emphasis and it was the major influence behind the development of abstract art. The idea was that modern paintings and sculpture should not be seen as lesser to realism and in fact there is all possibility that modern art is also as important as the traditional art especially in the representational qualities of the modern art (Stremmel, 164). Therefore from this idea in development of art it is possible to have a work that is not very strong in representation of an idea or expression of an event but the work of art may be very appealing to the eyes depending on factors such the color combination and toning.

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Art therefore should not be constricted to the intended impression or representation but it should also be appealing. For instance it is possible to have a picture of an animal drawn disproportionally but the color combination and other decorations may make it look very interesting. It is therefore not just a question of art bringing a certain message or impression but it should also be appealing to the eyes. Even if an artistic work does not show any message but it is appealing it is more preferable for the abstract art. Abstract art brings the notion that what is artistic is supposed to be interesting and more like an entertainment (Stremmel, 128).

Abstract art is not much focused on the natural aspect of the world and the art is more focused on the modern shapes and aspects. The art denotes that non-naturalistic shapes as represented by mere lines in the shapes of triangles, circles and other more modern shapes have a lasting beauty in them as compared to the traditional images. The traditional images lose meaning as soon as the art work is not understood or when the events represented or the desired impression is passed by time. The art therefore loses its taste and the abstract art is therefore preferable in such instances (Apollinaire & Peter, 113). One of the pioneers for abstract art known as Plato made a statement that "straight lines and circles are....not only beautiful...but eternally and absolutely beautiful." Those who abide to abstract art are therefore more attracted to beauty and entertaining the eyes using these lines.

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The lines in abstract art were used to express other artistic features such as sound and smell. The appearance of these is only contained in simple lines but in an appealing way to the eyes. The lines have been given different shapes to denote different aspects of art such as sound and they look more interesting making them give the impression while at the same time they are in eye-capturing shapes. The abstraction art seems more expensive as there is much emphasis on the appearance and so most of the materials used are relatively expensive (Altieri, 113). One pioneer of abstract art know as Henri Matisse used his free imagination and color to do most of his work it captured a worldwide recognition as one of the most recognized and respected work of abstract art.

Even as emphasis on appearance continued as opposed to the information or the message in the abstract art, use of color came to put more emphasis on the direction taken by abstract art as opposed to other types of traditional art (McDowall, 47) Some colors are obviously more attractive than others although this also depends on the context in which they are used and also on how the colors are balanced in instances where more than one color is used. Cubism is somewhat more focused on the subject but when it was presented with fauvism it got the acknowledgement that it is seen as one of the biggest steps towards cementing of the abstraction art. Cubism is basically on the idea that all aspects of life can be presented in three types of solids namely cones, cubes and spheres.

Those who abide to realism have always questioned the importance of abstract art but there is an equal opposition from the abstract artists questioning realists. The argument has always been the difference as more realists continue putting emphasis on the subject which to the abstract artist is not as meaningful given the likelihood that most people may be unable to understand the meaning in an art work (Gunderson, 58). The abstract artists have also had a hard time proving the importance of their work as it is challenged by the argument that all aspects of life cannot be totally represented in just three shapes.

In the mid 20th century the abstract art started imposing a heavier command as it was seen in America when many artists from Europe started appearing with more abstract art and with other related arts such as surrealism and dada. These types of art have continued to gain popularity in modern art and they are commonly used in advertisements due to their eye-capturing capacity. However, even as late as in 21st century realism is still has its effect and it cannot be written off as it also carries a considerable weight.

Art as one of the commonest features in human life should be given the consideration it deserves. There is a continued use of art every time whether on the media, by the road side, in the houses and in virtually all places where human beings live and beyond. Although there is very limited consideration for these facts, they shape most of human life and most of the decisions made are influenced by art whether directly or indirectly. The packaging of products, the advertisements and many other aspects of human life are always determined with an artistic touch.

There is also a considerable use of the realism art and so it should not be ignored as it is also as meaningful as abstract art. It would be important and more effective if the two types of art would be merged and applied together. Thus there would be artistic features that bring the desired message but at the same time the work of art would be more appealing. Therefore this necessitates the need for merging these two common and universally influential aspects of human life which are in many cases passed unnoticed although they play very significant roles in human life.

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