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The Horse Fair

The Horse Fair painting commonly known as Le Marché aux Chevaux was created by a French artist called Rosa Bonheur in 1853. Following the exhibition, the art masterpiece has received quite a number of internationally related honours including the coveted Légion d'honneur from the Empress Eugénie, in 1865 which was until that time held by men only.From the painting, one can see the horses running vigorously in a circle with an aim of showing off their value toprospectiveclients.  Based on this, it is possible to derive thatBonheur's love of animals is revealedthrough the way in which she effectivelyexpresses the horses' majesty and power. Consequently, it is worth noting that since there are no barriers existing between the viewers and the horses, the observers' attention is therefore focused.

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In order for a painting to gain the importance, an artist ought to consider factors like; the creation of resourceful and artistic abilities as well as a good sense of imagination and dramatic intelligence. For instance, in Bonheur's horse fair painting, one can note that as the horses are moving around in circles, the guides on the other hand concentrate fully on keeping them under control. This is a form of dramatic intelligence since the artists wants to communicate that the horses are well catered for to increase the value. Moreover, an artist ought to considerthe formation of colour standards as well as forms and sizes. This is meant to ensure that the image creates motor coordination in viewers' minds and as a result aid in familiarizing with the deeper meaning that the artist is trying to pass across. For example, from the painting one can see that there is an open fore ground which allows ease of admittance to the scene.

What is the importance of image in art?

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Art plays a meaning full role in everyday activities and creates both positive and negative impacts the life of human beings in many ways. People occasionally use images created in act to show affection, to show creativity as well as boredom. For instance, basing on the horse hair painting by rose Bonheur, one can derive that there is passion for animals especially horses exhibited from the way the animals are beautifully drawn to show how much value is devoted to each. Nevertheless, art is considered essential since the images created usually assists a viewer to derive the deeper meaning attached to the painting as well as marvelling at the beauty associated with the painting.

The image created in art stems importance in the social welfare of the viewers since there is generation of fun especially when viewing masterpieces and trying to figure out the hidden information that the artist is trying to pass across and as a result becomes agreattool for learning different cultures.For example, the horse fair piece of art is attached to the painter's culture where horses are considered to be valuable and sources of prestige for those who deal in the businesses of trading them.  In addition, image consultants suggest that many people make a living and progress depending on the way one's outlook is presented to the entire world. Consequently, paintings thrive the same way especially when a painter comes up with an intelligent idea about the current issues affecting the masses and puts it down on the canvas.

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In conclusion, there is lots of income generation as a result of the sales resulting from the exhibitions as well as honours and awards which come along. Based on this, it is worth noting that quite a number of people including Bonhuer make a profession out of art. A painter ought to have the knowledge about the visual elements of art and through this; an individual is in a position to prove that a particular painting is an article that possesses the ability to caption the viewer's mind better than other objects around. The imagery importance is to create sensuality and coherence that will impact as much knowledge as possible to the populace.

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