The Family Unit

The family unit is one of the oldest institutions in the history of mankind. In connection to this the family can be defined as a group of people who are closed interrelated in most cases composed of a father, mother and children who are dependent on them. One of the important characteristics of families is the fact they have the ability to procreate to ensure that there is a continuation of generations. In this regard therefore, procreation cannot occur unless there is mating of the couples that makes up the family unit. In addition, this means that the mates have to be male and female. Nevertheless, the family unit has been facing numerous challenges in the recent times.

One of the greatest challenges to the family as a social unit is gay marriage. Since the mid 20th century, there have been step to recognize or rather legalize gay marriage as a family unit. In this regard, whereas the traditional family comprised of male and female, the current trends show leniency towards either male-male or female-female marriage in the society which was an abomination in the traditional family. With this in mind, the current society is aligned towards accepting gay marriage as a one form of the family unit without having the need to worry about the children and other moral issues that could be violated under such kind of marriage (Bowe 2006).

In reference to Bowe (2006) in an article that appeared in the New York Times, whereas procreation remains as one of the most important aspect of the family, there have been ways that have been invented by the ‘gay family’ as a way of promoting their family existence. As a matter of fact, whereas it was argued that the gay marriage could not be promoted as it violated the laws of nature in regard to procreation, there have been ways of producing children that are being promoted by the gay world as a defense to this argument. Following this point, there are arrangements that have been made in the recent past between the homosexuals and the lesbians to get children who would then be given to either the homosexual or the lesbian couples. Such arrangements were not existent in the traditional family unit.

The place of sex in the family too has been redesigned with procreation being done without the need for a sexual act. According to Bowe (2006), gay marriages in their quest to have children employ artificial insemination as a way of transferring the spam from the man to a woman. Therefore, children are born without the man having ever met the woman in a sexual act. It is important to note that there is no medical reason to justify why men and women cannot copulate in a gay marriage arrangement to get children but rather it is in their belief that they are not supposed to sleep with members of the opposite sex.



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