Brown or Board of Education

The history of the United States of America remains as one of the most dramatic history across the world. The America that is seen today is a product of numerous events that shaped the thinking and decision making process of the Americans. In this regard, there are key policy issues that were implemented in the United States in regard to certain important issues that concerned the Americans. Among these issues of concern is the decision by the Supreme Court in regard to Brown vs. Board of Education case.

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The decision that was made by the Supreme Court in reference to this case has been cited as one of the exceptionally important decision that has ever been made in the history of the United States. According to Pierce (2004), many decades had seen a segregation policy in the American educational system whereby the African American students were not allowed to intermingle with their White counterparts and consequently a separation of learning facilities (p.4). Therefore, the decision by the Supreme Court saw an end to this trend and an introduction of a public educational system whereby whites and blacks were allowed to intermingle freely thus ending many years that had seen ‘separate but equal educational facilities’ (p.4). Therefore, children from both white and black community could be able to access quality education when this policy was enacted.

Apart from bringing segregation in the educational system of the United States of America to an end, the decision by the Supreme Court was geared towards ending racism that was prevalent in the American society. As a result of this case ending in favor of the African Americans, there was light at the end of the tunnel that racism was bound to end. In line with this, Axelrod & Phillips (2008) argues that there were more black people who rose against other laws that had segregated them leading to the civil rights movement and affirmative actions of the 1960s (p.288). This led to the end of some of the wicked laws that had been applied against the colored people in the United States. In this regard therefore, the decision by the Supreme Court remains as one of the exceptionally important decision in the history of the United States of America.

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