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Emotional Intelligence and Communication. Custom Emotional Intelligence and Communication Essay Writing Service || Emotional Intelligence and Communication Essay samples, help

Emotional Intelligence and Communication

Emotional intelligence can be defined as the skill, ability, capacity and knowledge that enable a person to recognize, evaluate, direct and control one’s emotions and those of other people and groups. There are different models that have been developed in the researches and studies that have been carried out to define emotional intelligence, EI. Among these models include the Ability Emotional models, the Mixed models of Emotional Intelligence and the Trait Emotional Intelligence models. These models have been used by researchers and scholars to define the concepts of Emotional Intelligence in the society, and how it is depicted and utilized in different environments (Segal & Jaffe, 2008, p.2).

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There are different roles that emotional intelligence plays in building effective interpersonal relationships in regard to nonverbal communication (Segal & Jaffe, 2008, p.4). It is important to note that effective interpersonal relationship can only be created when there exists an effective interpersonal communication. However, this form of communication cannot be attained in any way when a person is unable to fully understand who he or she is emotionally. In this regard therefore, in cases where nonverbal communication is involved, the success of this form of communication will rely on emotional self awareness and the discernment of the message packets that one is sending while at the same time being in a position to pick and interpret correctly message packets that are received from others (p.107).

In line with this, emotional intelligence will require one to act on the following issues during the process of nonverbal communication to be able to create effective interpersonal relationship. First, a person with a high level of emotional intelligence needs to be in a position to examine and identify inconsistencies in any form of communication (Segal & Jaffe, 2008, p.110). In this regard, one would be able to identify situations whereby the body language of a person differs from the words that one is speaking. For instance, a person may be saying yes while at the same time shaking his head ‘no’. This would require somebody to be emotionally intelligent to be able to understand that there are inconsistencies in a particular form of communication and thus the need to put things right to secure the interpersonal relationship that is endangered by the inconsistencies that are depicted by nonverbal communication.

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Another emotional intelligence factor that need to be considered in a nonverbal communication is the fact that one needs to concentrate or rather be focused in order to be able to pick out specific messages that are meant to strengthen interpersonal relationships in any form of communication setup (Segal & Jaffe, 2008, p.113). Lack of concentration has been found to be among the biggest challenges that nonverbal commutation faces on a daily basis. One’s emotional intelligence enables him or her to focus on the other party in any communication setup in order to detect a shift in the elements of nonverbal communication. For instance, when someone has said a word that is hurting to the other person, one can only be able to realize that the other person is not pleased with what has been spoken when he or she is focused to detect any changes in the behaviors that constitute nonverbal communication. For example, when one frowns, another person using emotional intelligence can tell whether this person is angry or not. This requires fully attention of a person in the communication process.

Whereas nonverbal communication plays a critical part in the communication process of human beings, it has been ignored in most cases as part of communication due to misunderstanding on how it works in any form of communication process. In summation, it could be argued that nonverbal communication is one of the most important forms of communication that are depicted in the communication processes. There are therefore principles that need to be adhered to if an effective nonverbal communication process is to be attained.

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In line with this, there are misconceptions that are associated with nonverbal communication that have been found to affect the overall nonverbal communication. In this regard too, there are barriers that have hindered the whole process of nonverbal communication. However, identifying these barriers can go along way in enhancing this form of communication. Emotional Intelligence was also found to play a critical role in the process of nonverbal communication, with entities engaged in this form of communication required to apply some form of intelligence in identifying, assessing and managing the information that they were sending out and that which they were receiving. By so doing, one could be able to capture and understand every piece of information that was being passed from one person to another in a nonverbal communication setup, thus being able to maintain effective interpersonal relationships in the society.

Emotional Intelligence and Communication. Custom Emotional Intelligence and Communication Essay Writing Service || Emotional Intelligence and Communication Essay samples, help

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