Feminist and Senior Citizens

There are other groups in the society that have been stereotyped. These are the feminist and the senior citizens in the society. First, the feminists are those groups of women who worked on ways and means that could be employed to induce equality in the society. However, this move put their status at risk as from then henceforth, they have always been viewed as women who cannot accept a second place in the society as women or in the family. As a result, many have been isolated especially by men and by women who are conservatives in the society.

Most of the feminist activists have been viewed as lesbians, prostitutes, disrespectful women, irresponsible mothers, man-haters, etc. As a result, these types of stereotypes towards women has been able to deviate the society from the main issues that the feminists were trying to address when they emerged as a movement to fight for the rights of women. However, while this is a negative perception towards the feminists, it is important for one to understand that this group of people has been able to contribute to the creation of these ideas in the minds of men. Similarly, a critical examination of the activities of these women reveals that there is an attitude of hating men that developed in them, thus viewing every man as an enemy, whether the man is good or not (Friedman, 2004).

The Senior citizens on the other hand have been distinguished by the society as people who are rude and bullies in most cases. This is where it is assumed by that society that old people are naturally bully and rude, especially on the road. Therefore, when phrases such as ill-tempered and drooping shoulders, one tends to think that the stereotype is towards the elderly. However, this is wrong since there is no maximum age that one needs to be called a senior citizen. For example, there are people who are termed as the senior citizens in the society because of their baldness or grey hair. Yet this may be as a result of genetics rather than age. Therefore, there is no truth in this fact that old people or rather senior citizens are rude in the society. Again, like feminists, there are many senior citizens who are geared towards creating a decent society and therefore they are not ill-tempered. Similarly, it is difficult to determine the age of someone while looking at that person since there are those that look younger and yet they are very old and vice versa. Therefore, this cannot in any way be substantiated as a true stereotype as it concerns senior citizens (Moore & Parker, 2006).

There are various things that one can learn from stereotypes. To begin with, one cannot mention about stereotypes and fail to mention some form of discrimination in the society. This is because, every group in the society that has been stereotyped had been segregated or rather discriminated against by people in the society. It is also important for one to understand that stereotypes may result from the rhetoric attachments that one has towards certain people in the society. This may be the case too whereby certain behavior are exhibited in certain groups of people thus attracting stereotyping.

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