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New retail environment is dominated by current issues because of diversification in marketing environment. It is significant to note that high levels of technological advancements pose a big challenge to retailers. Effects of showroom shopping are constantly felt by retailers as they continue their activities. Thus, many shoppers have been involved in examination of products in traditional brick and mortar retail stores without intent of making purchases. They later on shop online where they are offered lower prices for the same commodities. This paper reviews the article by WSGM Newsroom that highlights showrooming.

A recent study conducted by IBM shows that there would be changes in shopping trends among customers. For instance, current in-store shoppers would prefer undertaking a physical examination of products before shopping online. It would be done to avert the case of making instant purchases from stores (WGSN Newsteam, 2013). The study revealed the view that individuals all over the world are embracing the new technological wave that provides for online shopping rather than shopping in retail stores directly.

The WGSN Newsteam (2013) opines that customers have continued enjoying benefits associated with showrooming, while, on the other hand, retailers have continued to suffer from loss of sales and damages caused to stores’ floor samples of a product. On their part, retailers have tried to react by cutting their own prices, adding value to their products and services, and encouraging customers to stick to retail method of shopping as it offers more advantages.

Online form of shopping has continued to gain popularity all over the globe as more customers make adjustments. However, there are still more setbacks of the showrooming trend. For instance, there could be difficulties in making payments online because of security fears. Additionally, it is difficult to apply a delivery and return policy and there is lack of practicality in cases where consumers want to taste products on offer.

In conclusion, retailers could stop the trend of showrooming through exclusive issue of products and conduction of campaigns that advise customers to avoid excessive costs that they have to pay because of online shopping. More so, retail stores could use the new trend of showrooming to move their shoppers to their online venue where they could still make profits. Therefore, retailers must ensure that they work hard every day to bring customers back to direct shopping from retail stores.



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