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Dubai is a significant city-stated located in the United Arab Emirates. The city-state has excessive qualified workers as most individuals have accessed education and effective training in different fields. It should be noted that Dubai has ready trained individuals in the hotel industry that would be ready to deliver vital services to Open Hotel.  The high levels of educational and hotel training standards have prepared most individuals and they are qualified to offer diverse services in the hotel industry. Most of these qualified employees understand different matters relating to the hotel industry and effective service delivery. This is boosted by the commercial and recreational nature of Dubai. Notably, Dubai is one of the best tourist destinations and this has allowed for proper training of individuals willing to work in the hotel industry. Most of these individuals are enthusiastic and understand how to handle customers hence ensuring that the best results are attained out of the hotel industry. It is vital to note that Open Hotel would not have problems in accessing qualified employees in Dubai as they are in excessive supply. The presence of many recreational facilities has facilitated proper training of individuals in the hotel industry hence boosting the availability of qualified employees.

The United Arab Emirates as a country welcomes expatriates from all parts of the globe. This implies that Dubai is accommodative and embraces all expatriates who come in with the view of boosting the economic growth of the city-state. The accommodation of expatriates is boosted by the open-minded nature and the liberal nature of the United Arab Emirates and the city-state of Dubai. Therefore, it would not be difficult to bring expatriates into Dubai as they are fully welcome. Third Country Nationals (TCNS)/expatriates are provided with significant security systems and are highly valued in Dubai. They would find it interesting to work in Dubai, an environment with new challenges and stiff competition. However, expatriates have to work in line the country’s strict moral and ethical laws relating to business and overall behavior. For instance, expatriates are supposed to understand that bouncing a cheque in the payment of particular amounts is a criminal offense in Dubai. Additionally, expatriates would need to comply with the dress code asserted by the laws in the United Arab Emirates. Accordingly, the Emirates encourage conservative dress code while in public and expect expatriate to do the same. Thus, the United Arab Emirates and the City of Dubai are accommodative and welcome all expatriates coming in for business activities. Expatriates are provided with adequate care and security but they need to work in line with the acceptable laws applied in the country.

The City of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is a favorable location for setting up Open Hotel. Several significant reasons make the City the most favorable location for Open Hotel. First, Dubai is favorable because it has adequate qualified employees to work in Open Hotel. The availability of many trained individuals implies that the hotel would have access to ready labor and it would not experience shortages in any particular department. The availability of these employees would boost the operations of the Open Hotel. Second and last, Dubai is a favorable location because of its liberal and accommodative nature. Expatriates would be able to come into the United Arab Emirates and would be able to work without any interference while in Dubai. This implies that the performance of Open Hotel would be boosted to deal with the existing and upcoming competitors because of the increasing level of innovativeness that would be brought to Open Hotel. Therefore, Open Hotel should be located in Dubai because of these significant advantages that would be enjoyed. 

Country Analysis Report. Custom Country Analysis Report Essay Writing Service || Country Analysis Report Essay samples, help

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