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Book Review: “Lead Like Jesus”


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“Lead like Jesus” is a book written by two authors, Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges. Kenneth Blanchard – a prominent career speaker and a business consultant, who is universally characterized by his clients, friends and colleagues as one of the most insightful powerful and compassionate persons in business currently. He is one of the most influential experts mostly in the field of leadership and management. On the other hand, Phil Hodges is a lifelong friend of Kenneth Blanchard, worked as the human resource and industrial relations manager in a number of corporations in the United States for about 36 years. Hodges has been a member and chairman of the local church elder council for over the last ten years. Together, Ken and Phil have authored several books amongst them is “Lead like Jesus.” The work is a 272-paged book published by Thomas Nelson: the first edition appeared in 30th September, 2008.

In their leader’s guide, the authors advance the argument that all successful leadership characteristics are modeled along the characteristics that were exhibited by Jesus Christ. Kenneth Blanchard and Phil Hodges mainly look at four major fields and how they can manage one towards becoming an incredible leader. The book segments leadership traits in numerous ways. Firstly, its creators believe that a person’s heart is what forms the basis of motivation (Blanchard and Hodges 2008). The authors reckon that the Head envisions one’s beliefs and views on leadership. The Hands sets up clear goal and measure performance, consistently following up with those you lead (Blanchard and Hodges 2008). Furthermore, the authors believe that Habits influences how a person refreshes and renews him or herself as the one who guides.

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In “Lead like Jesus” one’s transformations as a leader, mean adopting a God’s-eye view in pursuing leadership. The book claims that, the reader could find how to straighten the person's  motivation, standpoint, behavior and habits in terms of the depicted  managing concept with the appropriate characteristics of Jesus Christ for leading others in a more humble and responsible way. In this work, one does not only get the advantage and enjoy the expertise and superiority of the writers, but also assess tools which can aid an individual analyze his/her style of leadership.

In general, it is a two experts’ creation aiming at transforming one’s life and someone else that you come in touch with. It is more linked to the Bible, which authors have written, with enough experience and expertise they have gained from leadership and from the Bible. Effective designs for individual, tête-à-tête, team, family or even community leadership start from the inside. Therefore, reading this book will help develop ones leadership from inside. The authors have used the Christian or the biblical point of view to communicate the message to the audience. The book portrays Jesus like the role model in leadership. Blanchard and Hodges’ aim was to transform people into excellent leaders who could inspire hope in the society. However, I think that the authors were biased. This approach to the managing effectiveness ought to have been based on general principles of leadership and, not just, from a Christian perspective (Blanchard and Hodges 2008).   

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In conclusion, the plot and the style of this book are highly organized in a way that the reader can easily capture the authors’ position. Thus, the work is very significant since it can help inspire one to lead a successful life. As the book reiterates, a good leader should uphold dignity, honesty, just and transparency. These qualities are depicted from the business guide in regard to Jesus style of leadership. In general, the experts mimicked the conduct of Jesus Christ in advancing a theory of successful leadership.

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