Missouri Teen Found Handcuffed in a Family Basement


Friends and neighbors were upset on realization that a 17-year-old boy from Missouri had remained handcuffed to a pole at their home for several months. According to the police, they found the boy at the basement of his home and claims indicate that he had been there since September 2012. Moreover, the police affirmed that the victim wore dirty clothes, looked desperate and his health proved that the family poorly fed him. Ashley Reppy, a woman who lives close to the family expressed her disappointment with the family stating that she did not see the reason why one should give birth to a child and handcuff it without food and water. Furthermore, she disclosed to the police that she had frequently seen the boy sleeping on the porch since the family would not let him enter the house to spend time with the family.

Despite the fact that the police affirmed that the boy had mental incapacity, they interviewed him and he said that they only freed him three times on a daily basis to go and take shower. Contrary to these reports, the cousin to the victim reported to the police that the victim’s brother had told her that the boy had assaulted their mother and now he was under permanent house arrest. However, the Kansas City spokesman officer declined to comment on the issue claiming that he would only do that after the case confirmation but not in the process of investigating. Hassan (2013) affirms that the police discovered photographs and a digital camera at the home and they are using them for investigation. Meanwhile, the victim went with the police to the North Kansas City Hospital for treatment before the case proceeding at the Clay Court Children’s Division. In the other news, a two years old child who hails from the same residence was also kept imprisoned though the news has not been confirmed yet.

Personal Opinion

In my opinion, the author of this article proved his main point. Generally, news articles and journalists aim at exposing an issue as briefly as they can. This implies that they must apply economy of words in their articles but at the same time people should understand their stories. After reading the article, one realizes that the main aim of the article was to report about the child undergoing torture and the current progress of the case. According to the author, he wanted to blame the stepmother of the boy and his elder brother for torturing him. Notably, the author draws a clear picture of the incident as he writes how the boy spent nights outside their house tied to a pole. However, the author's article has some drawbacks. Despite the fact that the case is clearly described, the author should have specified some other things like the time when people have found the boy and his exact name. Reading throughout the article, one expects to come across the name of the boy but he has not mentioned it anywhere. This makes the article not complete since there is no full presentation of the information. In comparison to the other readings, this reading is awesome simply because it is brief and points out the main issue at once. Normally, there are articles that sometimes appear detailed though they have repetitions in their information. Contrary to them, this article is short and informative. After reading it, one gains a clear understanding of the case. 



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