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Research and Plan of Event

The following is an analysis about some research done towards the proposition of an event, which will target some of the residents in and around the accommodation property at Raymond Jaussi. Being one of the accommodation facilities in the campus (Les Roches- University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland, 2010), it will serve as an essential venue for launching a fundraising event through selling of second hand belongings and donated material in and around the vicinity. This paper shows the potential target market of the event, the possibility of success, the exact location of the event and some of the reasons of the importance of the event. The paper also gives strengths of some of the details of this event.

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As stated, the location of the event is the accommodation facility owned by the school. The team also suggests the back-up venue to be in Espace-Gruyere, Bulle, which has an added advantage of being famous for business ventures (Trade Fair Alerts , 2011). The event will run from 4pm to 8pm on 11 November 2011, complying with the regulations of the school (Academinc Catalogue , 2009). Some of the benefits of having Raymond Jaussi as the location is that it does not require any rental fee, thus reducing set-up expenses for the organizing committee. The student body is familiar with the venue, making marketing and promotion of the event easier for the team. Its proximity is also an added advantage (E-Gazette No 16, 2010). Its accessibility is easy as it is fairly near the school's main building. The target market for the event is the undergraduate student body doing Hospitality Management, and the 3rd semester students from the Glion Campus (Glion Institute of Higher Eucation- Switzerland, 2009). 

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There are some reasons why the organizing committee initiated this venture. First, it realized that the student body needs a platform to grow in business, apart from the profession that one engages in while in campus. It is important to discover some of the other areas that someone might have a gifting in, apart from academic achievement (Bruner, 2006). Secondly, the campus benefits by raising its level of reputation towards embracing community based initiatives, which benefit the society surrounding both campuses. Community development is always one of the policies that an organization like a school should have as a co-value (Crowson, 2001). Since the ages when GIHE had a poor reputation, the organization also feels it necessary to enact such initiatives as these to win back the trust of the surrounding community (Fombrun, 2008).

In addition, there is the enhancing of the "Glion" spirit. This should happen through making sure that the Glion student's body will organize and conclude the whole event. This way, the students gain insight on how to manage stores, keep accounts and do a well-documented report of the outcomes of a certain project (Knirk , 1979). Details of how the management happens include having all the sales done through the organizers (student body). This means that any second hand belonging or on donation must be sold through tags given by the organizing committee. Personal organization skills depicted by the students will also increase through such ventures.

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Another aim of having this venture is because of the ethical benefits thereof. The team approached the student's affairs team to help them out in shipping in some of the sales property and the rest of the students who are going to participate as clients and sellers. The 3rd semester students of Bulle Campus will find this as an honorable venture and will tighten the bond of brotherliness between the two bodies. In addition, the committee suggested an after party that will climax the whole event. The reason for this is that interaction and intermingling enhances unity amongst the two communities (Hall & Handley, 2004).

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