Considerations and Procedures

Considerations of procedure: Describes the neighborhoods of Winston Parva and its zones.

Data collection methods describe how interviews and records cards that were used to bring out quantitative data and presented them in form of statistical tables. These procedures and configurational analysis form an integral part of many sociological enquiries.

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Models of configuration social patterns or structures and their apparent finality of each enquiry. Conclusion by analysis of the respective zones:

Neighborhood relations in the making: describes Charles Milson an entrepreneur in Winston Parva who build houses, factories and shops on Meadour Land and what the natives did to make his name live forever by using the first letters of his name, to name each street.

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Describes two pubs in Winston Parva "the hare and the hounds" and "the eagle"

Observations on gossip: describes the different roles that gossip played in the neighborhoods of Winston Parva. The village gossip on the estate as was based on a belief about the estate which acted as selecting agency incidents.

Contains the flow of gossip and the various forms of gossip

The story of Crouch, the determinants of gossip and the reflections on the structure of the gossiping group in comparison to the estate,

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Patterns and contents of gossip: gossip in two working class neighborhoods of Winston Parva Is compared.

Poles of gossip; those who gossip and those they gossip about. Organizational explanations are also mentioned in the chapter.

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