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Mass Media

In today's society mass media is the main system and it is seen to be liked by many. Its role is mainly to entertain, educate, inform, persuade and carry a culture to the audience. Mass media communicates to millions of audiences and passage of information is very fast. This for entrepreneurs has created an avenue of advertising as well as receiving feedback from their clients thus helping them to improve.

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Since people/audience reacts differently to the different types of mass media there exposed to, there exists different types of mass media that gives a variety that one can choose from. These include magazines, newspaper, internet, and television. Due to this wide variety there exists high competition as each form seeks to keep the audience. The competition therefore has resulted to mass media staying very restricted.

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Culture in movies and television is reflected by incorporating scenes in a real world in a film or imitating life on screen in daily life. This strengthens a culture that seems acceptable within the group that practices it. Electronic games are different from the other media forms in that they are interactive and repetitive. This has caused them to be popular in the recent years.

Though electronic media has a positive effect, it has also been held responsible for many problems that are encountered in the world today. There is a possibility of imitating violent behaviors from electronic media if they are not punished and this can result to aggressive individuals.

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Parents are also using electronic media as a babysitting tool and this has weakened the parent child relationship which results to aggressive individuals. Children who spend most of their free time in the electronic media have turned out to be irresponsible and have poor physical health. There are other behaviors like addiction, being antisocial, and failure to exercise by the gamers.

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